Review: Battle of the Atom Chapter 7

shogo bubble

Hurrah, some great action moments, reveals and plot furtherments. Here’s our review of Battle of the Atom’s 6th chapter. Definite spoilers below.  Consider yourself warned.

Tom’s Review

Aaaaaand we’re off! After a long, long introduction that in my view took far too many pages, BotA has kicked things up a gear – and it’s awesome! Chapter 7 is full of thrills, spills, and not a few moments that made my head spin at the sudden reversals. Last issue, we learned that the X-Men we’ve been distrusting for the past month are indeed traitors to the team, although we have absolutely no idea what their nefarious purpose may be. Somehow I don’t buy that it’s as simple as ‘send everybody back in time’.

This is an interesting mix of tried and tested trope – given that the future team (I’m not keen on calling them X-Men any more) go ballistic, is anyone expecting them to lose in Chapter 7 of 10? But there are original aspects too; and some of the dialogue hints at motives and secrets yet to be revealed. “I am Charles Xavier, young Scott,” says Xavier, and in spite of his brutality I wonder if he is. “Oh Scott,” says future Jean, “don’t ever change.” What are her motives in all this? What happens to Scott in this future timeline?

Psi battle
1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a psi-war!

And then there are the twists; Deadpool versus Psylocke is entertaining, Rachel versus Xavier is so very cool, and the shock twists are brilliant. I’m pleased that my guesses to date – not least being that the shapeshifter son of Wolverine and Mystique is already here – are proving correct, and it came off as bloody as I’d expected, albeit I hadn’t guessed exactly whose form this mysterious fellow had taken.

And next, it’s truly on – an all-out raid on the Jean Grey School by Scott Summers, the Uncanny team, the escapees from the School, and the future X-Men. All this with S.H.I.E.L.D. approaching…

4 Atoms

Atom rating 1Atom rating 1Atom rating 1Atom rating 1

Loz’s Review

This issue,  It hit the fan, and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s the bullets, in no particular order:

  • This is pretty much a Jubilee issue. She has most of the best  dialogue and moments to shine. It doesn’t hurt that Lopez draws a brilliant Jubilee.
  • Finally Jubilee get’s some action and Shogo gets a neat plot device to keep him safe.
  • You know that feeling you get when you’re watching an action movie or a show that has one of those moments where you tingle all over for a moment and you feel that rush of adrenaline. That’s how I felt several times in this issue. “SHOGO. Push the beep-beep!” I’m tingling.
  • Xavier may me a numpty but he got one thing right:
How not to do things
How not to do things
  • Psylocke taking out the Ice-Hulk was pretty cool, even though her assumption that motherhood is easy was misdirected.
  • Rogue realizes what I had already surmised last issue that the Ice-Hulk is an ice dupe. Only thing we don’t know is who does the Ice Dupe belong to. It could belong to one of only two people. Sir Robert, or a grown-up all-new-bobby.
  • I loved the cameos from Broo, Armor and Bling! And I love the idea behind Shogo’s safety device, even if I don’t understand the mechanics behind it. That Hisako is a smart cookie, and Bling! has been a pleasant surprise. I hated her when she first appeared, but with every subsequent appearance she’s gotten more interesting.
  • Jubilee and Sentinel X meet. Sniff…sniff. ahhhh. Such an awesome moment.
  • Who wants to take the bet that Psylocke got a bit too cocky in her battle with Mysterine who has now taken her place?
  • CON: Wolverine was right. Wolverine is always right. Rachel, luv, you’re selling yourself short. You already knew something was wrong otherwise you and Kitty would not have joined up with everyone else. I like to imagine that you were under Xavier’s spell for a short while which would explain why neither you nor he joined the Psi battle last issue.

Loved this issue. 4 Atoms.

Atom rating 1Atom rating 1Atom rating 1Atom rating 1

So what did you think? What did you like in this issue? What did you hate? let us know in the comments.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. I’d not thought about the shapeshifter having possibly replaced Betsy – good shout, Loz! That being said, I’m particularly interested in what happens when Dazzler-replaced-by-Mystique arrives and meets her son…


  2. B. Patterson says:

    hmm… I totally forgot that SHIELD is approaching…. gasp, what if they capture future Jean Grey and Xavier and “in prison” them? Then they’ll be kept in the present as re-occurring villains.

    Ha, Mysterine is an awesome name.


    1. loz says:

      I’m not sure how I feel about the two of them sticking around. I hope their a one and done deal, but who knows with all these marvel now phase 2 teasers coming out.

      And Mysterine was the best of the name mash-ups I could think of. Glad it was entertaining.


      1. B. Patterson says:

        Normally I despite having Jean Grey around, but an older Jean Grey who’s used as a villain would be a nice change of pace. And how many times has Marvel brought Charles Xavier back from the dead? Like my rationale with Jean, a different, villain-like Xavier would be a nice change of pace. Especially with Cassandra Nova currently out of the picture.


      2. loz says:

        There was that Evil Xavier and his Fetish X- I mean Dark X-Men over in Excalibur.they had an evil Jean too. However, despite Claremont being the writer I really hated them and they really didn’t have any elements of the original 5 that I enjoyed. At least with this Jean they have given her these little moments that endear her.


      3. B. Patterson says:

        Ugh, I despised the Dark X-men. Dark Avengers were much better.


      4. loz says:

        I think they were called the Shadow X, but none of them survived the Albion arc.


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