Best of the X

If there’s one thing the X-Men stand for, it’s change – and so their roll-call over the years has been incredibly fluid, with over a hundred members in their fifty-year run.  But which X-Men have had the most impact?  Who’s the most unforgettable?  In short – who, in your eyes, is Best of the X?  Here, have your say; place your votes in our X-poll; and we’ll see who comes out on top… After a week, we’ll announce the winners as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations!

And this is just a start!

Poll is now closed for voting.

For the record, this includes every X-Man according to that venerable source, Wikipedia.  It does not include:

  • X-Men splinter groups, e.g. X-Factor, X-Force, Excalibur, Generation X, X Marks the Spot… oops, sorry, I made that last one up!
  • X-Men-in-training teams, e.g. Young X-Men, Jean Grey School students, Generation X… OK, you get that this doesn’t include Generation X yet?
  • Monet St. Croix – she’s not been a member of the X-Men yet (even if she was in, you know, Generation X)

It does however include:

  • The Phalanx Covenant team (that’s why Synch is in it)
  • Deadly Genesis team
  • Muir Island team (1989)
  • Genoshan Assault team (Jean Grey’s 2001 recruits)
  • Street team X-Men (hurriedly banded together by Cyclops after Xorn had gone ballistic)

This will allow multiple votes, so if you have a couple and are tied, you can vote for two or three (please, a max of three).  We’re going to take you on trust – please don’t vote for the same character twice!

Vote away, True Believers!

And while you’re browsing our site, feel free to take a look at these X-Men character-specific articles from Loz and Tom:

12 Comments Add yours

  1. David D-Pole says:

    jean grey!!>?>?> REALLY? Urgh The gay maffia must be out in force for this passive agressive bitch lol


    1. LOL you’ll have to try to get everybody of a different opinion to vote then! 🙂


      1. David D-Pole says:

        I WILL haha.ah I dont mind Jean,its just that people forget what shes really like because shes always dead lol


  2. David D-Pole says:

    also im voting revanche,coz im down like that lol.I appreciate a fierce bitch who knows when to stay dead 😀


    1. I gotta say I really liked Kwannon, she was cool imo 🙂


    2. loz says:

      There are a ton of less popular characters that I love that aren’t getting love. Yay for Revanche, and even Doop for getting votes.


  3. Richard Rijpstra says:

    Do we vote a top 10 here? Or in the X-Men group?


    1. For now, just your personal top here – and if you’re tied, you can do multiple votes. We’ll then break down the characters who got the most votes, and show who the top 10 most popular were! 🙂


    2. loz says:

      Feel free to PM us your remaining 7 Favourite X-Men. We’ll take them into consideration for our personal end picks.


  4. Richard Rijpstra says:

    I don’t know if I did it correctly, but after each other I chose 1. Revanche, 2. Magma, and 3. Lifeguard.
    How do we PM you? I’ve not been around a lot on your site.


    1. loz says:

      You can PM either of us on Facebook or just in the comments here if you want.


  5. Emma Frost is my favorite ♥


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