Of Male Cosplayers as Women

At the beginning of September, I went to my very first comic con ever. Is this post late in coming? You bet your anthropomorphized tarantula it is!

The Salt Lake Comic Con. It was fantastic. I went to all three days and came home exponentially more exhausted as each day passed. Like I said, it was fantastic and I can’t wait for next year’s.

The most fun I had was taking in and talking to the cosplayers. I noticed something, too: there are plenty of women who dress as male characters, not as fem!version of males, just as the male characters. But, I only saw one man who dressed as a female character in a con of 80,000+ people. Look at him, he’s gorgeous.

Anybody says that isn’t the best Catwoman ever is a damn liar.

Now, I know that there are more fem!version of male characters then there are male versions of male characters when cosplayed by females, but they’re still a great deal more common than the opposite. I wonder why. It’s possible to say that “Men just don’t do that,” which suggests a (supposed) deeper meaning of the word “Men.” But, in a comic con setting– a setting nigh-solely dedicated to escapism– why would any man fear ridicule(?), judgement(?), or suppose mainstream dignity(?) when said male cosplayers love and admire female characters as much (if not more) than male characters?

I’m throwing that question into the Vastness and desire an answer.

In the interim, I will be planning and creating my own male!version cosplays of male characters for Salt Lake Comic Con 2014. I’m thinking Dr. Vincent Morrow (of Witch Doctor by Branden Seifert) and the Ninth Doctor (he is woefully underrepresented at cons and in the general fandom).


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  1. herdthinner says:

    Good luck on the suits! You’ll wear different outfits on different days, then?

    I’ve always steadfastly avoided costumes for myself at conventions, but I do indulge in it at the Disneyland Halloween parties. Even I don’t understand why I make such a distinction. It’s not like I look like a Disney character any more than I do a comic book one. C’est la vie. The D23 Expo is like Disney’s San Diego Con and has a LOT of cosplayahs – much better than what I saw at the Halloween party, in fact. I went as myself, though. My other hobbies suck up all my sewing time.

    I’ll be attending the Emerald City Con in March. I have no plans to dress up, but look forward to seeing what other people do. ECC being in Seattle, I suspect that the “Girl Genius” crowd will be represented more than at other cons.


  2. loz says:

    I think my costume at SLCC was as easy as I could make it, but that male Catwoman was Fabulous.
    And Herdthinner, I’ve seen your Cosplay from Disney events and you always have amazing Costumes too. The Gadget and scarecrow were awesome and didn’t you do a Sally too.? All of those were great.


    1. herdthinner says:

      Thanks! I was never Sally, but posed with her on those rare occasions when she was available. As for why her sessions are so much shorter than Jack’s, I cannot get a real answer from any Disney “cast members.”
      “She misses Zero and returns to Halloweentown to be with him” is NOT the answer I’m looking for, thanks.


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