Doctor Who week Day 1: First Encounters

Do you remember the first time you ever met the Doctor? The show has a long running theme of people meeting the Doctor and being dragged into his world on a rollercoaster ride of adventure, horror, thrills and excitement, but when did you first meet the Doctor? Hoo Mah Moos gives you our first encounters with the enigmatic Space and Time traveller that stole hearts and minds from around the world for the past 50 years.  Skip below the break to discover our first encounters and feel free to let us know when you first encountered him yourself.


Tom: I was only a child when Sylvester McCoy’s era came to an end, and I look on it with fondness – not least because I thought Sophie Aldred’s Ace was cool! My favourite from that era was Battlefield, and I loved the late Nicholas Courtney’s Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. I remember the moment he heroically faced the Destroyer (and I later learned my fears at the time had grounds – the writers only decided not to kill Lethbridge-Stewart off at the last second!) When the series ended, BBC2 showed past adventures for a while, starting off with a special that I still think of fondly – ah, this takes me back!

Skip to the bottom of the article to see the Doctor Who Special in question.


My first encounter with the doctor was the movie version. Not Paul McGann, but Peter Cushing who was very much the non-canon Doctor. I remember him and his companions running around a future London with an underground resistance and the Daleks being so sctegan_tardis_9_2ary. He was this wise elderly mad who for some reason reminded me of my granddad. He was distinguished he was fun, he was wise and I wanted to spend more time with this Doctor.

It’s funny, there seems to be this national memory of Doctor Who. It involves the Daleks coming onscreen and everyone having a memory of hiding behind the couch or looking through the glass windows in their living room door in fear every time the Daleks appear. I also had this memory. It was a false collective memory though. I distinctly remember hiding behind the couch and then hiding behind the living room door looking through the glass windows in that door at the TV. Only problem was, there was no room to stand behind those couches when I was young and we never had windows in our living room door growing up. There seems to be this national wave of nostalgia behind Doctor Who and the Daleks.

Years Later, I found Peter Davison’s Doctor when Tegan accidentally discovered the Tardis. He was kind of foppish and young but still held some of the same qualities as Cushing. I enjoyed his vigor for adventure which has been emulated by most of the Doctors since. That was my first meeting (along with Tegan) of the Doctor and Tegan became the character through which I viewed everything else in the Who universe at that time. Now there’s a special nostalgia I can’t be rid of.


I’m always late to the fandom, whatever fandom. Name it, chances are I discovered it a few years after its commencement. Or, I’ve yet to hear of it and/or experience it this very minute. Doctor Who is once such example and probably one of the most poignant stories that I regret I didn’t find my love for sooner. RoseE—one of the few people I can talk to about fictional characters as if they are real in our universe without fear of ridicule—suggested I become acquainted with him. Christopher Eccleston is my Doctor.

When I watched the first few episodes, I found myself mulling over whether I really cared about him or not. But, 9 burrowed into my heart and I didn’t realize it until I ached at the thought of him and who he is/was/will be.

The Doctor, like so many great pop-culture icons, gives force to the idea and need for the multiverse. He doesn’t exist in this reality, but he does exist in another, and if he exists in that other one, then he can exist in this one because he has the TARDIS. The Doctor is that knight in shining armor, he’s that love everyone should have. He’s my ideal man (well, he, Batman, and Captain America, if I’m honest) for the same reasons as every other Whovian: he loves me for me. He’s alone, too, and weird, and odd. And, we can be alone, weird, and odd together.


What do you think? Tell us about your first encounter with the Doctor. We’d love to hear from you. Be sure to come back tomorrow when we discuss more of the Doctor and which one we favor over others.

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