DWW Day 2: Your Favorite Doctor


Hooray, it’s Day 2 of Doctor Who Week and today we’re reminiscing on our favourite Doctors. Check below the break for more.


Tom: I know Matt Smith has caught some flak, but he’s really impressed me. With Patrick Troughton as an inspiration, I feel he’s really caught the eccentricity of the Doctor. But that being said, he’s still not my favourite. That can only be the late Jon Pertwee, whose tenure was so radical – this was the Earth-bound era, and I found Pertwee and his support cast (particularly Katy Manning’s Jo Grant, Nicholas Courtney’s Lethbridge-Stewart, and Roger Delgado’s Master) to be fantastic! Here’s a particularly good clip from The Daemons:


Holly: Eccleston is my Doctor, so I do have a particular loyalty to him. However, as much as I love David Tennant– as much as he makes me laugh, sigh, cry, and share in his righteous fury– Christopher Eccleston would be my favorite regardless. He’s this joyful and terrifying figure, who I’d follow him into any Hell, and– most importantly– he makes me laugh beyond my tears. He reminds me a lot of my other favorite characters in popular culture and in real life, because he’s this ancient god, a weary soldier, who wants nothing more than to have a lark and not feel the burden of who he is all the time. But, he deals with it because he has to, and carries that pain in a way that’s not broken.  Which makes his joy all the more genuine and pure. And, he’s completely empathetic and believable as someone whose hand you would just take without any introduction, and who’s willing to share your burden, if just for a second. “The Empty Child” (a single story-arch in two episodes, “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances”) is the best example of all of these qualities of the Doctor and I think, as good as Tennant and Smith are, Eccleston is the only one who could truly pull this part of the Doctor’s personality off.


Loz: I’m afraid I’m going to cheat.  I have more than one favourite, but for different times. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Peter Davison was my first Doctor, but then came the period of Colin Baker, and immediately he rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t think I watched more than his first episode. During that time, I read a lot of the Doctor Who Novels from the library. These were mainly Tom Baker novelizations and featured Leela, and K9 and a few others and I loved the Tom Baker stories, but never really saw much of his run until later on in reruns.


It wasn’t till Sylvester McCoy that I grew to love the Doctor again. I watched every episode and luckily enough it seemed to be on at a time when no one else in my family wanted to watch TV. Apart from Saturday morning cartoons, and He-Man this was my main show while it ran. I loved his zany approach. His run was very melodramatic and over the top at first, something that my pre-teen self ate up with a spoon, but as the run continued, I loved his interactions with his companions, Melanie and then Ace and I still remember very well most of the story lines from that era.

Sylvester McCoy was my generations Doctor I guess. I own that time period where he was on air, even more so than Davison’s Doctor. That said, I have been more impressed with the later Doctors. Eccleston, Tennant and Smith have all been wonderful for different reasons and all have stood out at different times.

Who is your Doctor, let us know in the comments. Don’t be shy.

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