DWW Day 3: Top 5 Companions

Did you see the Children in Need Sneak Peak. Here it is just in case, and then click below the break where we give you our personal top 5 companion lists. Is your favorite companion on our list?


Loz: Despite many companions having similar elements of wonder and a desire to look to the stars and travel they are quite an eclectic bunch. Here are my top 5.

  1. Donna Noble – I think I can safely can say that there is not another companion quite like her. After a couple of companions that had been very romantically interested in the Doctor, here was a more mature companion who was not remotely interested in the doctor romantically. She was more like a peer in that she could handle herself in many situations and was a moral presence on the TARDIS. There’ aren’t many companions who had such a tragic end to her travels. Donna definitely got the shortest straw.
  2. Tegan Jovanka – As I mentioned yesterday, Tegan was the first memorable companion I was to discover, The self appointed, “Mouth with legs,” although Donna Noble could definitely be a worthy challenger to that title. These two characters are actually very similar. One big difference is that Tegan stood her ground and challenged the Doctors opinion and stood by her beliefs. She knew the time had come to leave and the possible toll travelling with the doctor could take. I’m not sure there was anyone who did this until the newer run of the series.
  3. Ace – Never has a budding young chemistry enthusiast gotten my attention as fast as Ace. A metal Baseball Bat and Nitro-9 were useful additions to an arsenal against anyone that might come up against the duo. This Doctor/Companion relationship was one of my favorites as, again, it was not mired in a romantic connection.
  4. Adric – Another teen character, and not vastly different from Ace. Another runaway character with no visible parental figure who specializes in a particular subject and joins the doctor on his travels.Some saw him as this pompous, arrogant little know-it-all. And, he kind of was. But his relationship with the Doctor was wonderful, he was the perfect foil for the Doctor and the other companions. He also goes down in history as being the companion that Broke Davison’s Doctor.
  5. River Song – Silence in the Library brought us our first tantalizing glimpse of Professor River Song and in the very next episode took her away from us, but what an impression she left. If there was anyone else, other than the Doctor’s Daughter, who could carry her own show, it would be River and what a show that would be. She has it all, the looks the brains, the brawn. She is the Who Universes version of Indiana Jones. What’s not to like.


Tom: This has been a really tough one, but my top 5 would have to be:

  1. Ace – I grew up during the Sylvester McCoy era, and there was just something so fun about Sophie Aldred’s Ace.  In truth, she was the first of the modern companions – the companion who, as ‘Curse of Fenric‘ showed, is more than just a sidekick; rather, whole stories can centre around this kind of companion, and they can achieve a quite singular amount of depth.  Ace had a brilliant dynamic with Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor, who she nicknamed ‘Professor’, and brought a sense of teenage fun to the series.
  2. Clara – yes, that’s right, I like Clara.  I think she’s just the right companion for Matt Smith, all bubbly enthusiasm, but I have to be honest that she has this high ranking if only because she’s been featured (kind of) in what I fondly consider a classic episode: ‘Asylum of the Daleks‘.  I loved it!
  3. Jo Grant – such a wonderful companion, Jo was the best.  When she was introduced to Jon Pertwee’s Doctor, she was clearly unsuited to the role of his assistant – but he just couldn’t say no to her puppydog eyes, and she stuck around for a long time.  By the time her tenure ended in ‘The Green Death‘, we had possibly the most poignant scene of the whole series, with the Doctor driving away in silence as he left her to her life.  As a kid, I cried.
  4. Jamie – a surprising companion, Jamie was the last of the ‘competent males’ – no need to undermine them when the Doctor wasn’t the Action Hero back then!  Jamie was a wonderfully developed companion, a Scot from the past who found himself dealing with the wonders of time and space.  He was brilliant.
  5. Sally Sparrow – the companion who never quite was, and who I so wish had been, Sally was featured in the brilliant episode ‘Blink‘.  I think she was a tremendous character, and I wholeheartedly wish she’d returned.


Holly: I don’t have much reason for liking the companions I do and for the order in which I’ve placed them, other than liking them for their deeds and personality traits.

  1. Donna Noble. When I first met Donna, it was kind of in the middle of her time as the Doctor’s companion, so I found her unreasonable, obnoxious, and so annoying. Then I backtracked and watched things properly. Donna’s my number one because I understand her the most, she’s more than a match for anyone (especially the Doctor), she’s funny, and courageous. She’s also really vulnerable and I feel like I can relate to that. Of all the companions, she’s the most real.
  2. Wilfred Mott. Donna’s grandfather. I will always have a special place in my heart for warriors with great stories and greater character.

    Wilfred has many great moments, but this one is my favorite.
    Wilfred has many great moments, but this one is my favorite.
  3. Captain Jack. Not just because he’s unspeakably attractive. I swear.
  4. Martha Jones. Martha was cool and probably the most under-appreciated companion, especially by the Doctor. I mean, I get that he was on the rebound after Rose, but Martha did some cool stuff. She helped Shakespeare save the world.
  5. Rose Tyler. I would have thought, too, that she’d top my list as I’m a nouveau-Whovian. I mean, I like her and everything, but she’s just so damn altruistic I can’t really believe in her as a real kind of person. I dunno. I love her speech, though, in “Parting of the Ways.” I’m a sap for excellent speeches, as you see with Wilfred above.


Who is your top companion. The one who you will never forget? Let us know in the comments.

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