DWW Day 5: Rogues Gallery

weepingangelsaeSo over 50 years you can imagine the enemies the Doctor has made. Who was your favourite? Check out our picks below the break and then let us know yours in the comments.


Tom: When it comes to villains, there’s only one who stands out to me: The Master.  Introduced as the Moriarty to Jon Pertwee’s Sherlock Holmes, the Master was an instant hit – not least because of the wonderful portrayal by charismatic (and all-round nice guy) Roger Delgado.  Here’s just a sample of his villainy, as he sics the Sea Devils on the Doctor:

Wonderfully Satanic in his portrayal and yet an all-round lovely man in reality, Delgado’s era was brought to an end in a tragic car-crash.  Out of respect, the series avoided using the Master for years.

lozLoz:Of all the Doctor’s villains, three come to mind that were always pretty scary to me. Forget Daleks, Cyber men and even The Weeping Angels, who I still find fascinating, but are now overused and less scary than their original respective outings.

1. Satan. From the possession of Toby to his murder of Scooti and several other characters in the episode, Satan proves to be on true form. Until Rose tells him  where to go.

2. Vashda Nerada There is pretty much nothing you can do against these villains except, the doctor’s advice, Run. There’s no convincing them. They are the piranhas of the air. Run. Far scarier than the Weeping angels that can be outwitted. Scarier than Cybermen who have their flaws and the Daleks who have been beaten again and again. Just run.

3. The Family of Blood. These guys were soooooo creepy. Brother of mine was extremely well cast and made the role, but I always remember how these villains, while trapped in their respective prisons are still around. I mean come on Doctor, defeat them by all means but did you have to trap daughter of mind in EVERY MIRROR so that if i’m not paying attention i might glimpse her staring at me?


Holly: I think favorite villains are the ones that, in classic Doctor Who fashion, are reinvented. Such as in “The  Unquiet Dead” when the Doctor, Rose, and Charles Dickens face down ghosts that are actually apparition-like aliens (called the Gelth) who attempt to cross into our world and (bt-dub) use human corpses to walk around.

So, yes, the Gelth are very interesting and I love that episode. Then, my other favorite villain of the same theme is Jack the Ripper. Not crazy, I promise. In Doctor Who: The Ripper (comic book), the Doctor, Amy, and Rory find themselves in 1888 London, there they face and fight Jack the Ripper, who is not so much a psychotic man, but a psychotic alien.

In the process they end up altering the time-stream (again), causing the “canonical” Ripper victims amount to surge to 12 (instead of “The Canonical Five“), counting Amy Pond amongst them. Oh, man, good times. If you haven’t read this comic, I very much recommend it. It’s a good creepy and showcases the brilliance of Inspector Frederick Abberline. So, yeah, there’s your bait: a Jack the Ripper alien, possibly Ripper victim Amy, and finding out who Abberline is. Go forth.

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