DWW Day 6: WHO should play the Doctor?

peter-capaldi-tardis-575Was Peter Capaldi on your radar when he was chosen to play the new Doctor? I have to admit, I had no idea who he was and then recognized him from the Fires of Pompeii episode. I must also admit that I was not a fan of the previous two choices for the Doctor, but was proved delightfully wrong on both counts. However, check below the break for Holly and Loz’s top picks for actors/actresses who we think could prove a formidable and nuanced performance as our favorite Time Lord.

Loz: With McGann’s mini episode at the beginning of this week, we now have the potential for ANY actor or actress to play the Doctor, here’s my top 3.

doctor-who-maurice-moss-it-crowd1. Before you say, “No, That’s Moss,” hear me out. For someone with such fantastic comic timing and able to play a character so completely and perfectly, I’d love to see that expanded and brought to the Who universe. I know he can do other characters having seen him do more on the Mighty Boosh. Richard Ayoade would be a great Doctor.

Miranda Richardson

2. If ever I wanted a female Doctor, and originally I thought that no, I didn’t want a female Doctor, I mean why would a time lord of male origin all of a sudden change sex? This has not happened before in the history of Who, why now? However, as mentioned by the witches that McGann’s Doctor encounters in the mini, those rules, no longer seem to apply. And, as such, if there were to be a female Doctor, it should be Miranda Richardson. With such TV and movie pedigree, Richardson would fit right in and have no problem at all filling the Doctor’s shoes. From the lady of the Lake to Mab, from Bettina to Titania, from Eva Braun to Lady Van Tassel, from Queenie to Anna Leonowens, Richardson would be a wonderful Doctor.

3. One word, “Moriarty.” OH MY BOB! Andrew Scott. Never has an actor Scared me, impressed me and blown me away with a performance in recent history that Scott. I am so in awe of Scott’s talent that I want to see him in everything. I want to see him as the Doctor as it would be too cliche for him to play the Master now. BUT GIVE THIS MAN A SPOTLIGHT. Excuse me. That’s just the way it is.

Over to you Holly.

HollyI’ve had something to say about this before. Since then, though, a few things have changed my opinion. After Capaldi was announced as the next Doctor the general nerd community was abuzz with excitement, myself included. But, there was also some controversy about why the Doctor was not female or an individual of a different race.

I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon and ascribe the BBC, Stephen Moffat, or Doctor Who flagrant labels like “sexist” or “racist,” because I don’t believe that they are. Well, I certainly don’t believe Doctor Who is. I can’t rightly speak for the others.

What I would have liked, though, is that it would have been more of a consideration, something beyond the cursory and, honestly, condescending phrase of “It’s not right for the story right now.” Really, that’s such a crap excuse in it of itself, and it implies that someone of a different race and/or sex would somehow digress from the Doctor Who ‘verse in a drastic way, or that such an individual would be “taking away” from the story.  Based on those factors, here are my three picks had Capaldi not been chosen, with accompanying videos that serve as my evidence:

  • Idris Elba. He could be seen as kind of a reiteration of Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor, because of the old warrior vibe. But, Elba is a great actor and I would love to see him as a badass Doctor delivering this funny, clever lines in such a deadpan way that we don’t get that he was joking until after he’s walked away to save the world.

I do know that there were some rumors that he was the actor who turned down the role of the Doctor. All speculation, my dearies.

  • Emma Watson. She’s a talented actress and I think she would be a unique Doctor, bringing a guided intelligence to the character. Don’t get me wrong, I love the quirky, screw-around types (as you’ll see below), but we’ve had a lot of that.
  • Charlie Day. Hey, who says the Doctor can’t be an American?

Here’s a quirky, screw-around who I’d face the end of the world with any day. As you see in this clip (also from Pacific Rim), is a very Doctor-esque character, who risks his life for the pursuit of knowledge and the salvation of humanity.

I’m not picking favorites, but that is a fantastic tagline.

However, I can’t deny how excited I am to see how the TARDIS handles for Capaldi. I mean, how can I not want this to happen:

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