From Kid to Pheonix

Kid Omega

Back in September I attended Salt Lake City’s first Comicon. I’d never been to a proper comic convention before and always wished I had the money for and lived closer to one of the more well-known cons like San Diego or  NYCC. One of the things I’ve loved doing is dressing up so was excited to do cosplay. I chose Kid Omega. He’s by far one my favourite characters right now and I thought it would be cool to be (in the public eye anyway) a more obscure character. I thought I did the Kid justice and about 30 people throughout the con asked to take their picture with me. So Why Kid Omega? Here’s an exchange between two friends I overheard after one of them took a picture with me.

Fan: “Thanks for the photo, you look awesome.”

me: “No worries, have fun.”

Fan’s friend: “Who the hell was that?”

Fan: “Dude, that’s Quentin Quire.”

Fan’s friend: “Who the hell is Quentin Quire.”

Fan: “Dude Pick up a comic book.”

So Who the hell is Quentin Quire? Check below the break for more on our Kid.


Quintavius “Quentin” Quirinius Quire, or Kid for short,  has come a long way since Grant Morrison‘s X-Men. Currently he stars in Wolverine and the X-Men and consistently steals the show, whether that is intentional or not.


Through the trauma of finding out he was adopted, Kid, realized that he was not your average student and had a presence, for good or bad, among the student body. It was at this point that he started his Omega Gang and and kicked off his anti-human behavior.

Kid’s Kick-fueled revolution resulted in the deaths of several humans and a riot on the school grounds which resulted in more deaths, most tragically, Cuckoo Sophie. During this confrontation Kid developed a secondary mutation that burned up his body and turned his brain into faster-than-light energy.

This was not the end for Kid. He returned later, due to be shocked back into consiousness by the Pheonix force, which after the New X-Men story, “Here Comes Tomorrow,” we know that Kid is a future Pheonix force avatar.


After random hi-jinx, Kid is set free from his containment unit by Kade Kilgore and he immediately sets upon an international arms conference and works his magic on the attendees. This event leads to the Schism and Kid’s own internment to the Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning. 

Political Prisoner

During his time at the Institue, he has become more of an entity that the books proposed main protagonist, constantly building on his character and making him somewhat of an anti-hero much like Wolverine himself. He is consistently selfish and self-serving but also consistently endears himself to the audience.


Recently, Kid, survived the Hellfire Academy and Battle of the Atom. Both events gave Kid a new direction and new possibilities for future development. He realised that he didn’t want to be a villain, and that the Pheonix force is in his future.

Omega Pheonix

Both of these things are big deals for the wannabe loner and thorn in Wolverine’s side, and while I don’t think Kid will ever give up that status as Wolverines thorn, it looks like Kid will continue to be a focus character in Wolverine and the X-Men when Jason Latour takes over as writer.

So Who is Kid Omega? He’s that cool kid at school who you kind of want to be friends with but then find on closer inspection that your parents would probably hate him and your friendship with him, but you’d be fine with that.

Kid Omega/Wolverine Cosplay
The only Wolverine I was able to get a picture with. Incidentally none of the Wolverine Cosplayers I met Knew who I was.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. herdthinner says:

    Even the cosplayers that were not doing the Hugh Jackman version?

    Please forgive me if I, also, was not familiar with Kid Omega. I haven’t read a Marvel book in a LONG time.


    1. loz says:

      Yeah, none of the Wolvy cosplayers knew who I was. This would be my one wish, to have more current comics writers and artists at the next con to bring in more fans.


  2. Paul Bowler says:

    Wow, that was great, looks like you had a really fun time at the comic con. Quentin Quire is a really good character, great how you summed up his storyline ect. Awesome costume you had for the comic con as well! Being in the UK I’ve never been to a big comic convention, maybe I will one day, they look great fun.


  3. loz says:

    The only cons I went to when I lived in the UK were Buffy Cons and those were a lot of fun. This past SLC con, was received so well they are having 2 next year. One is a fanXperience and the other just a regular con. I really want to go to both but won’t have the time or money.
    they already have some great guests. It’s going to be a proper Star Trek reunion. They only need Picard and a couple of others now. I’m wondering if I can pull off Genesis next year.


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