Avengers Arena – the Survivors

The latest Avengers Alliance Spec Op has made it clear that the events of Avengers Arena are not going to be forgotten – and, in fact, Dennis Hopeless’ story is due to continue into the new year in a brand new series!  So, with that said, who survived Arcade’s Murderworld?  And just what state are they in?

The survivors are picked up by those who were supposed to keep them safe.


Anachronism goes berserk!

Possessing the power of an ancient berserker, Anachronism is the Geek who never believed in his own abilities.  He’s also the first one who snapped, killing one of his fellow Braddock Academy students, and as the series ended his best friend Bloodstone was responsible for the death of his girlfriend, Nara.  The poor kid’s going to be seriously messed-up.

  • Key issue: #6
  • Coolness rating: 5


Apex takes charge – and the kids had better watch out!

The great villain of Murderworld, Apex featured the most fascinating arc.  And, given we don’t actually see her body, there’s no way I believe she’s dead.  I’m not going to say more than that, as it would spoil literally the entire series.

  • Key issue: #9
  • Coolness rating: 10


Always the thinker–!

Bloodstone’s secret was only revealed at the climax of Avengers Arena; a great evil lives within him, and, when that evil is unleashed – people die.  Always surly and introverted, and something of a top-rate concept character, there’s no telling what the guilt will do to Bloodstone.

  • Key issue: #14
  • Coolness rating: 8


One of the best covers of the series!

Everybody’s favourite sassy teenage spacegirl, Cammi shone throughout Avengers Arena.  She was the voice of practicality, a clear-headed leader even when everything around her was going mad.  I see her as a future champion in the next generation of Marvel heroes.

  • Key issue: #16
  • Coolness rating: 9


Chase always has acted first, thought later!

One of Marvel’s Runaways, Chase is a survivor – and, in a brilliant twist, this became the source of his problems in Avengers Arena.  He believed he’d survive, and that this would mean the death of Nico; then, when he got a power-up courtesy of Darkhawk, he became devoted to keeping Nico alive at all costs.

  • Key issue: #4
  • Coolness rating: 6


Nothing more sinister than getting shot at to no effect and then passing judgment on the attacker…

For quite some time, Darkhawk was believed to be a casualty of Murderworld; his desire to stop any killing meant he was one of Apex’s first victims.  However, he survived, albeit not in great shape.

  • Key issue: #3
  • Coolness rating: 5


How cute can a Deathlok be?

Code-named by Cammi, Death Lockett wields the power of a Deathlok – and her innocence has forever been ruined by the events of Avengers Arena.  She’s a great, and popular, character, full of potential.

  • Key issue: #2
  • Coolness rating: 8


Hazmat goes critical!

Nobody’s suffered more than Hazmat.  As the story began, she lost her boyfriend; she almost broke, but her friends brought her back to action, and she took the fight to Arcade in a big way.  As the series ended, her powers flared out of control, and I can’t wait to see what the consequences of that are…

  • Key issue: #11
  • Coolness rating: 8


Just look what Blood Magic can do!

Sometimes known as ‘Sister Grimm’, Nico is the leading lady of the Runaways – and, in many ways, plays a starring role in Avengers Arena.  When Apex goes on her little rampage, it’s obvious to everybody that the only one with the required power to take her on is Nico.  That doesn’t go so well, and, in a train-crash of an issue, Nico winds up dying.  Her last spell resurrects her, amplifying her power with darkest Blood Magic, and for a while she believed she’d killed Apex and Death Lockett.

Nico’s story in Avengers Arena is a dark and transforming one, and it’s the first time she’s really stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of her generation.  The cool thing is, one of my favourite characters absolutely shone, and I’m hopeful Avengers Arena may remind Marvel just how cool she is.  The events of Avengers Arena will leave a lasting impression on Nico, not least because her left arm is now mystical (if you want to get it, read the series).  An Avengers Arena-inspired version of Nico is the new Spec Ops Hero in Avengers Alliance.

  • Key issues: #10, #12
  • Coolness rating: 10


When it comes to Muderworld, Reptil is out of his depth.

For a minute, I thought Reptil was dead – and then I saw him recovered by the Avengers at the end of the series.  Reptil hasn’t had the best time of it, badly injured by Death Lockett, but there definitely seem to be hints of romantic feelings within him for Hazmat.

  • Key issue: #11
  • Coolness rating: 4


X-23 could slaughter the lot of them!

Laura’s not going to like the way she was manipulated during the course of Avengers Arena; trigger scent was used twice to drive her wild.  The story paid great respect to X-23, establishing her throughout as the greatest warrior – and killer – in Murderworld.  She’s the first of Arcade’s victims to be rehabilitated into the broader Marvel Universe, having already featured in All-New X-Men – and promising (weirdly) a romance with the young Scott Summers.

  • Key issue: #8
  • Coolness rating: 9

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