A Week of Marvels 21/12/2014

So: this week, what have Marvel been up to?  Featuring a quick run-through of this week’s releases; an update on the Marvel cinematic universes; the Marvel games; and, finally, Spoilers!

Brian Wood’s X-Men series really ought to be called X-Women…

This week’s releases

This was an X-Men of a week, with Uncanny Avengers continuing from the horrific events of #14; and trust me, it really does stay just as gruesome as Remender’s work so far.  All-New X-Men #20 has been enjoying teasing readers with a cover displaying an, ah, passionate liaison, while Brian Wood’s X-Men continues to build up its Sisterhood arc.  Longshot continues to save the Marvel Universe, and Uncanny X-Force heads towards its conclusion.  Elsewhere, the FF are heading for a climatic confrontation with Doom!

Cap’s in a bad way…

Subscribers to Marvel Unlimited can now read the entirety of Age of Ultron, along with the beginning of The Hellfire Saga in Wolverine and the X-Men.  There’s also an exclusive December offer for Iron Man: Fatal Frontier #1!

Meanwhile, Comixology are offering more free comics – including Mystique #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #595 (start of the superb American Son plotline).  Plus, they’re offering a Marvel NOW! sale…

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