A Week of Marvels 28/12/2013

Hope you guys had a great Christmas!  So: this week, what have Marvel been up to?  Featuring a quick run-through of this week’s releases; an update on the Marvel cinematic universes (with some big news!); the Marvel games; and, finally, Spoilers!

The latest release from the Agents of SHIELD team!

This week’s releases

Kieron Gillen pens the second installment of the classic Wolverine series – this time tying him in to the menace that is Nathaniel Essex…

Releases came out on Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas Day, for fairly obvious reasons – and only a couple, namely: the build-up to Rogue Planet for Hickman’s Avengers, and that sounds rather cool; and Origin II, the beginning of the next ‘past of Wolverine’ series penned by Kieron Gillen (CBR have an interview with him that doesn’t spoil anything beyond #1, although it leaves me curious about continuity with the 1990s Gambit series, but that’s probably just me).  Comixology continued their epic Iron Man: Fatal Frontier plotline, too, while their superb Marvel NOW! deal continues.

Meanwhile, Marvel Unlimited have released another batch of comics, including All-New X-Men #13, part of the escalating conflict between the ANXM and Mystique.

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