A Week of Marvels 03/01/2014

Hope you guys had a great Christmas!  So: this week, what have Marvel been up to?  Featuring a quick run-through of this week’s releases; an update on the Marvel cinematic universes (with some big news!); the Marvel games; and, finally, Spoilers!

Incidentally, in random (and probably, at some point, related) news, a federal judge has declared that the legal rights to all aspects of Sherlock Holmes fiction dating before 1923 are essentially open season now.  I’m sure Marvel will do something with that.

This week’s releases

Yet another girls’ night out…

Another Tuesday set of releases, and not many of them either – another .INH crossover for the Avengers, Wolverine heading to Madripoor with Kitty in Savage Wolverine, the continuing exploits of Spider-Man’s Superior Foes, and a fun-sounding side-issue of Guardians of the Galaxy.

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