Interviewing the Fictitious: Dr. John Watson

Sherlock Holmes – the first super-hero?

Dave's Corner of the Universe


                Fog creeps through the London cityscape, like some kind of ghost. It engulfs the city, gaslight streetlamps give it an even more spectral like appearance. I pull up the collar of my Macintosh, and head to the doorway of the building. On the wall hangs the address placard 221B Baker St.

                A tinge of cold runs through me as I pound on enormous brass door knocker. A matronly Mrs. Hudson opens the door and ask me what I business might have so late in the night. I tell her I have an appointment and give her my card. No self-respecting caller in Victorian times would arrive to a first appointment without a calling card. It reads –Dave Heath ~ Bloggist-

                She studies it as if it were a specimen under a microscope. “Mr. Holmes isn’t here.” She says in a thick London accent.

                “I am…

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