A New Breed of X-Man: Benjamin Deeds


Over the next few weeks we’ll be  focusing some of our articles on those characters who we believe to be the future of the X-Men, or at least those characters who we believe to be a newer breed of X-Men. Those characters who have something extra about them or different from the usual flock. Today I focus of Benjamin Deeds.

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This time last year, Deeds was a firm favourite despite a limited exposure.  Then, back in May last year we did an X-Kids feature here at Mah Muse Comics, and I wrote this concerning Deeds:

Deeds has this nice unassuming manner to him. I’m really intrigued his character and feel like I can relate to him.  A first I thought, “Been there done that” but there’s more to this character than meets the eye. He’s not a straight up shape shifter.

Deeds is a today’s teen. He seems grounded and normal.  Maybe this is an example of his adapting to his environment. He’s also making connections. Immediately he’s made connections with Magic, with Fabio, and Eva. I think it’s very understated but Bendis is putting all these tiny little moments in the book that are making Deeds really fascinating.  He’s not even aware he’s doing it most of the time. This is raising so many possibilities for characterization and some really interesting potential conflicts romantic and otherwise within the team and his role on it.

It’s kind of nice to be validated and to see all those little things I noticed actually become something more. creative and exciting.


Last months Uncanny X-men blew me away by all the revelations about Deeds. Lets do some bullets.

  • Morph! Will this be his codename? I hope not, because as Emma Frost stated, he’s something more than just a transmorph. However it’s weird how much the animated series-Morph and Deeds look-alike.
  • Deeds is Gay. No fanfare, no-nonsense, no problem, and in Emma’s own words, “What does that have to do with this?” Bendis is building a really diverse team here, and there may have been complaints that most of the cast were  female and blonde, it’s nice to see exciting new things come from this team. There has been no more exploration of Deed’s sexual preference among the team, but this will be something to look forward to.
  • Speaking of his abilities. Bendis said from the start that when they created all these new characters, they wanted them to be unique and have applications that hadn’t been done before. This hasn’t been done before. This chemically induced ability to make others comfortable with him and the transformations that go with it is new and exciting.  What we have, is a gay character with the ability to (in essence) change gender and make those he is around, like and trust him. The applications and the possibilities for drama and adventure, even just among his own teammates, are so enticing.
  • Furthermore, what if Deeds decided that he could be a total badass and abuse his powers to get things he wanted. Could he manipulate Emma or Scott? Could he have any kind of control over others in the future. Could he be the next big spy in the Marvel universe?

There are so many possibilities for this character who at first glance wasn’t as dynamic as Tempus for instance.

Anyway, here’s to you, Benjamin Deeds: a new breed of X-man.

If there is someone you would like to be featured as a new breed of X-man, please comment and let us know who you would like to see here at Mah Muse Comics.

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