A Week of Marvels 18/01/2014

It’s been an eventful week, with a couple of key releases – and one amazing spoiler!  

No prizes for guessing what’s coming!

This week’s releases

This week saw a bevy of comics released, and X-Men fans were particularly happy!  In All-New X-Men, the battle with the Purifiers continues; in Amazing X-Men the heroes continue to wage war with the forces of heaven and hell; in Uncanny X-Force the two X-Forces went to war; and in X-Men: Legacy Legion’s quest continues.

To me, the real highlight was Uncanny X-Men, with an issue dedicated to the Master of Magnetism himself and setting him up for his forthcoming monthly!

Granted, Bendis then writes Blob saying “Good Lord,” which I just don’t quite buy. Still, dialogue has never been Bendis’ strong suit (see the lines Emma said earlier in the UXM series)…

Other features included Nova, a Revolutionary War spin-off, and the continuing arc of Superior Spider-Man!

For the future of comics, check out an interesting interview related to Comixology; something to think about.

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