Beginning Black Canary. Suggestions?

There are number of characters I’m eager to read, most of whom I have the tiniest bits of experience with and understanding of: Huntress, Zatanna, Black Canary. My first experience with these particular heroes was when I watched the Justice League cartoons.

Oh, man. Good times.

Not to suggest that I’m abandoning Wonder Woman or Batwoman (maybe Supergirl. God-like figures bore me), but The New 52 is bringing out some of their lesser known characters and giving them their own titles, and I’d like to read about them, too.

Of course, I wasn’t sure where to start; DC is a sprawling universe, given its age and numerous reboots. I decided to start with Black Canary and, as any academic with an extensive background in research would do, I took to Google and Given that Black Canary is a Golden Age hero, it was somewhat frustrating to find that her legacy as one who does not have millions of dollars or superpowers to fall back on, is rarely seen not being objectified (I am tempted to go so far as to say she is DC’s version of Emma Frost in this regard) and tied almost inextricably to a male counterpart.

Screenshot 2014-01-24 20.12.43
Screenshot from

Again, I’m not so familiar with Black Canary, so maybe her character is so flat and shallow that she warrants such portrayal. However, seeing her in Justice League and in a tiny appearance in Batgirl: Knightfall Descends, I have high hopes for her and will continue to be unsurprised at DC’s lack of insight.

I am starting the Birds of Prey series, which she is a prominent part of,  and am eagerly waiting the May release of Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell, but I would love some other recommendations.

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