A Week of Marvels 25/01/2013

So many comics this week – and so much news on the cinematic universes!  Plus, an interview with Mike Carey!

Is the Schism finally coming to an end?

This week’s releases

It’s strange – there have been quite a few weeks recently where we got no comics, so as a result this week saw Marvel release a massive number of issues.  All-New Invaders launched, and the popular new series Black WidowAvengers World and Origin continued.  Sales-wise, this latest Marvel relaunch is proving extremely successful!
In Brian Wood’s X-Men, the Sisterhood expands!

We also saw a bevy of X-Men comics.  All-New X-Factor continued, with the ever-popular Peter David enjoying using his new cast; All-New X-Men launched into the trial of Jean Grey, with Jean kidnapped by the Shi’ar; Marvel Knights: X-Men continued; and Brian Wood upped the ante in his ever-phenomenal X-Men series.  But oddly enough, the highlight to me was this month’s Wolverine and the X-Men.

Wolverine and the X-Men has been a bit of a disappointment to me recently, with Jason Aaron seeming to lose his focus.  In this issue, though, he presents a rather understated issue in which there is, quite simply, superb character development for Cyclops and Wolverine – and the first hint at the resolution of the long-running Schism plotline!

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