I’m Sorry. No, I’m Not.

I may only be good for ranting. I hope not, but that’s how it looks like things are shaping up. I’m already turning into that mean, crazy lady little kids are afraid of, with rumors flying around about me about killing unsuspecting travelers and keeping their bodies perfectly preserved around a table playing a perpetual game of poker. Unfortunately, I don’t have a house of my own or a set of cards. It’s just embarrassing. How can I face the world.

I get almost daily emails from some digital comic companies. Digital   isn’t my favorite medium for collecting and reading comics (or books, for that matter), but the option’s nice, especially when it’s an issue that can be tricky to find. Summation: I get the emails and they don’t bother me. Except for the one I got today. Here’s a screenshot:

Screenshot 2014-01-31 18.42.38Can you guess what bothered me? Hold on…

Zooming in…




Guess what happened when I clicked on the promo. I won’t be too specific, but a box (indicating the location of the hyperlink) bordered a specific portion of the promo and a very specific portion of She-Hulk’s anatomy.

I dunno why it is. I’m not all that familiar with She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), which is unfortunate. But, what I do know about her–a lawyer, a more than capable superhero, and just fantastic to play as in a video game–makes me feel somewhat defensive and particularly annoyed on her behalf. See Marvel Comics Presents Civil War and Deadpool: Institutionalized: stories that are two of my favorite, but depict She-Hulk/Jennifer as little more than a sack of well-proportioned lady bits, completely distracting from the intelligent dialogue she has, what little there is.

Marvel Comics Presents Civil War, Issue 2

I know that the two big name comic companies want to push the image that they’re not misogynistic, that they’re more aware of the female comic geek than other parts of the Geekdom, and that they’re writers and artists are not overwrought by sex and what “Sex” personified is supposed to look like.

I also know that I’m mostly someone who writes on DC comics and the female characters, thereof. Rather, pretty much the comics other than Marvel. I hope I’ll be forgiven this digression. It’s just irksome. Especially irksome when there are some cool characters and fans that deserve better.

I’m still continuing my way through the Birds of Prey series and am loving it thus far. Stay tuned.

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  1. She-Hulk’s a difficult one – she’s as much a ‘player’ of men as Tony Stark is of women (although some writers have desperately tried to retcon that in, well, very weird ways).


    1. Holly says:

      Context certainly helps. I should stay within the realm of DC and Buffy. But, I still think that could be construed as a shady excuse on the part of Marvel.


      1. Oh agreed there! One reason I don’t like She-Hulk much 🙂


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