Spec Ops 16 – Iceman!

Spec Ops 16 has finally arrived!  What do I think of it..?

Iceman in Spec Ops

Playdom have put more effort than usual into this Spec Op, with new play modes launching you into alternate versions of Missions 2 and 3.  They trialled this into the last Spec Op, but this time have gone into it with style.  You’re talking four alternate mission-sequences in Mission 3 of the Spec Op, with one for each Horseman.  It really is a remarkable way of playing the game, and I approve.  There’ll even be a Mission 4, Survival of the Fittest, in which you play against Apocalypse himself.

As always, there’s bonus weaponry galore, with a special Apocalypse set.  This time, though, there are exclusive Spec Ops uniforms for Beast, Rogue, X-23 and Iceman (the last is won through a side-quest in the Spec Op).  Some of these look rather potent, and the alts are CP-purchasable.

My instinct is that you don’t want to waste ISO-8 here, as this particular Spec Op looks resource-heavy.  I’d recommend playing with care, checking out the patch notes, and working through this quickly but consistently.  The tricky bit is that, in the alternate mission-sequences, you have to select your roster, splitting up your forces.  This may mean you’re unable to complete some character-specific deploys, as the required characters may be in your other team.

Check out the task list (including required heroes for Mission 1 Epic Boss) and the patch notes.

Edit: Here’s an interesting review of the new Beast alt!

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