A New Breed of X-Men: Tempus


The last New Breed of X-men (heretofore known as ANBX) article focused on Magik who has been displaying worrying levels of power when it comes to her teleportation and time travelling. In today’s ANBX  we’ll take a closer look at Tempus who’s power set is more directly related to time. Click below the break for more.

Tempus With Her Very-Bachalo Costume Design

The first of Bendis’s new mutants, Tempus made quite the debut. Freezing an entire city block for almost a whole day until Cyclops, Emma and Magneto could get to her, She showed a new and powerful ability set that has interesting ramifications for the future and other time-related mutants.

About a year ago, I wrote this about Tempus:

Eva seems like your every-girl teen introduction to the X-Men. However we’ve learned that in four days she is able to use her powers to great effect and has no problem holding her own in a conversation or debate that concerns her. I love how her character is revealed in so many small snippets of dialog that are making a bigger picture of this young Eva whose hero is Captain America.  I especially like the interaction with Triage, and her evaluation of him. I also like this new attraction to Cyclops which should make for some interesting drama later on

Eva has a likability about her that shines in every book she’s in. Let’s have some Bell Bullets to tell us why Eva is a new breed of X-Man.

  • Froze a city block on first use of her powers.
  • Froze the Avengers first time meeting them. Like all of them, including some of their most powerful members. Including a Hulk.
  • She vocally expressed within Emma Frost’s own ears that she thought Cyclops was hot. Ballsy.

Now for the stuff that makes her really interesting and worthy of the title.

  • There’s something more to her powers than just the freezing people in time. We have her recent practice battle with Magik.
  • eva1What is going on here? What is she doing? By the way I love this artist for X-Men. He’s totally unique and gives Bell a truly outstanding style.
  • eva2And then this new version of her time bubble happened in a moment when Eva was scared that Magik was going to attack full force.
  • eva4eva5Where did Magik go? What happened. Uncanny X-men has managed to put to outstanding characters with time related powers on the same team. More interestingly, Eva seems to be a great foil for Magik. Of course Magik reappeared with no idea that she had been popped out of existence for a few moments, but the potential for this new-found ability is awesome.
  • Bendis did say he was looking at new power sets that evolve into something more than what they appear at first glance. He’s done that with Benjamin and he’s doing that with Eva. All I can say is, I can’t wait to see how Goldball and Triage’s powers evolve.

Eva Bell, You are a new breed of X-man in powers, character and appeal.

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  1. I think Eva has a *lot* of potential, to me she’s one of the most interesting of the new batch!


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