Talk Nerdy to Me: Marvel vs. DC

Ah, the age-old question–!

Pedagogy of a College Student

As far as age old questions go, there are still many circling the media and minds of young adults today. I do not necessarily mean those of a deep, philosophical meaning such as “Who created the universe?” or “What is the meaning of life?” (of course the answer to the latter is 42) but I am talking about those ongoing debates within pop-culture.

There are many questions that always seem to arise: Captain Kirk or Captain Picard, Star Trek or Star Wars? Tolkien or Rowling, and the legendary: Marvel or DC? With the recent flood of superhero movies at the box office, this has become a more and more popular topic among avid fans of pop-culture and everyone has an opinion.

While DC has been around longer, Marvel has taken the cake among the popularity of pop-culture junkies. Not only are Marvel’s movies better but so are their characters, they experience growth…

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