Wolverine and the X-Men #1

It’s not every day a top Marvel series gets a relaunch!  Well, OK, more like every other day.  This week sees the relaunch of Wolverine and the X-Men.  And what do I make of it..?

The claws are out!

The story opens with a glimpse of the future once again – the same future we’ve seen glimpses of through the course of the first WatXM series and the Battle of the Atom event.  But it’s in a dramatically different spin; all the way back in WatXM #4 we saw Deathlok predicting a future in which Genesis went on the rampage.  Now, it looks like we get to experience that future all for ourselves.  And the series header – “Tomorrow never learns” – suggests to me that these events are going to result in yet more time-travel shenanigans.

I loved this image!

The real star of this issue is Quentin Quire, a Quentin living in the shadow of Battle of the Atom.  The throwaway scene in which he encountered his future self has been subtly changed; it turns out Quire caught a telepathic glimpse of the future, and it scares him.  Seriously – he’s going to turn respectable?  As if to doom him still further in his eyes, he’s graduated and now he’s been asked to become a Teaching Assistant at the school he threatened to burn down!  Others, too, are reacting to the future they’ve glimpsed.  They don’t like it.

Meanwhile, Wolverine is off in space dragging Genesis into things – much to Fantomex’s disgust.  That particular side-plot is clearly going to dove-tail into this ‘time-travel’ arc; I suspect future Idie is going to try to avert her love Quentin’s death by ensuring Genesis died years ago.

A wonderfully well-characterised scene.

Characterisation is very strong, although a single scene with Armour jarred me a little.  Other than that, though, Latour has made a very strong start – if he keeps it up, he may well supersede Brian Wood’s place as top current X-Men writer in my eyes.

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