Avengers Alliance update – now we’re getting universal!

At SXSW 2014, Marvel just released some MAJOR news for Avengers Alliance… Namely, how the game will tie in with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy!  Plus, news on some of the Alts that are coming out…

Look who’s coming to town!

Captain America

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone that the Winter Soldier is hitting the Avengers Alliance universe.  According to Marvel’s Vice President of Games Production TQ Jefferson:

“Players are going to get a chance to face Cap’s enemies in a way that is unique to games. The missions features a great cast of characters longtime comic fans will know, and movie fans may just be getting introduced to like Captain America and Black Widow, or Viper and Baron Strucker. Each plays their role in The Winter Soldier’s past and how he’s being used in the present.”

This mission will launch this month – cannot wait!  It’ll also feature a Captain America alt:

Cap AA alt

And, of course, there’s Falcon!

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians are coming too.

“While we can’t talk too much about the story of how the Guardians fit into the game’s overall narrative, we’ll get a chance to get to focus on the whole team in some upcoming content.  With that focus dedicated to the team the hope is that it will all integrate really well. We’re really excited about expanding MAA into the cosmic Marvel Universe.”

The Guardians will be drip-fed into the game, rather than emerging as a team.

“Rocket is going to pack a lot of heat with the array of guns he has available.”
You’ve got Gamora, an assassin and the deadliest woman in the known universe.
Then you have Star-Lord, the swashbuckler, who plays the lead role on the team. He’ll have an array of abilities, he’s pretty versatile.
You’ve got Groot, who is a massive tree and is very physical and monstrous like The Hulk,
Drax has a couple of big knives and is just as dangerous as Gamora.

Other news

Other hints are that Taskmaster is going to hit the game (presumably as a Lockbox Hero).

“Taskmaster, who was announced as an upcoming playable character for MAA at the SXSW panel, was a major villain in a pair of our mobile games that tie into the MGU continuity.  In MAA, when you recruit him, he makes reference to this and how much disdain he has for S.H.I.E.L.D. for putting an end to the nice setup he had in that game. After all, he’s all about the money.”

And the alt of the Scarlet Witch has emerged again…

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