XvX Round Four: Banshee versus Siryn!

In association with the X-Men Comics group on Facebook, we are proud to present… X v X Round 4: Banshee versus Siryn!  Father versus daughter… what a brawl!

. ~ .

Somewhere in the multiverse, the self-proclaimed media mogul named Mojo preened.  Three cameras were focused in on his leering face, and lighting and make-up were perfect – his skin was padded to be just the right shade of bile-green, and the eye-liner was to die for.

“Yes, ladies and not-so-gentle-beings,” he boomed, holographic images projected behind him.  “You are tuning in to the latest instalment of XvX, the only show in town!  Previously…”

The first image showed a scene of devastation in Russia; what had once been farmland was now razed by fire and lightning.  In the midst of it all, with hurricane winds sweeping around them, two women traded power.  “Storm and Magik – Demon Queen of Limbo versus Goddess Queen of Wakanda!”

The next image showed a tearful but furious teenager attacking a SHIELD agent.  “Baby, we got fireworks when Jubilee took on Dazzler!”

And finally, two beautiful women clashed in a jungle, trading punches that barely connected.  “Catfight of the century,” Mojo declared, wiping his brow.  “The Kitty you can’t touch versus the Rogue you mustn’t!”

Now the focus came in on Mojo once again, just the way he liked it.  “And for our fourth installment…”

The holograms showed an Irish castle, and Mojo practically crooned with joy.  “Brought to you at considerable expense, we welcome you one and all to CASSIDY KEEP!  This is the ancestral home of the Cassidy family,” he continued, “Situated on a site of mystical energy – complete with leprechauns!”

Two images formed, of a man and woman, both clad in basic X-uniforms.  “And these are our next two combatants,” Mojo continued.

“Sean Cassidy!”  The focus tightened, showing a firm-jawed and muscular male.  “The first Banshee (let’s ignore the fact that in legends all Banshees are female).  Trained by Interpol, Sean has more skill with his sonic powers than my favourite pizza has pepperoni!  He got killed off a couple years back, so we’ve retrieved this version from my favourite era, when he was teaching a school of mutants how best to get killed!”

Mojo roared with laughter again as the picture changed, showing a busty woman whose face was similar to that of Sean’s.  “Theresa Cassidy,” Mojo declared.  “The second Banshee (at least she’s female), and for the sake of good humour we’ve dressed her in the ol’ blue-and-yellows, is the daughter of the first!  Shortly after, she kinda became a god or something, but we’ve picked her just before that.  Don’t want to give her too much of an edge…”


Giving a hearty chuckle, Mojo continued.  “What could make family feud? Well, each one is being mentally manipulated to see the other as an evil clone!  Hahahahah, ain’t this a riot?”  Now he leaned in close to the camera.  “This fight?”  A hearty wink.  “It’s gonna be a scream!

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