Fitting Ends?

Best panel from Wolverine and the X-Men #42

Originally, this post was to review Jason Aaron’s end to Wolverine and the X-Men, but now X-Men: Legacy #300 hit stores this week and I wanted to cover both of them and contrast the two. How do I feel about both books and their last issue/s.

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Wolverine and the X-Men.

What?: We knew about the end of Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men for a few months. Within a couple of months of Amazing X-men and Wolverine and the X-men running concurrently, it wasn’t a surprise that one of the two would suffer. With a glut of interviews with Aaron on how excited he was to be writing Amazing (and the return of Nightcrawler), the kids at the Jean Grey School were faced with an arc that should have played out over at least 6 issues. and then were given what seemed like a couple more issues of filler for an end. By this point I believe Aaron had mentally checked out several issues ago.


  • Con: As I said immediately above. We had two issues where two orphan Chiddlers on MGH (mutant Growth Hormone) infiltrate the Jean Grey school. Yawn. There were two things I liked about that arc: 1) Cyclops and Wolverine are no longer Die-Hard enemies. 2) The observations of the main cast given by Squid face in issue #39. I’m not going to bother with the rest of the crap that annoyed me.
  • Con/ er../ Pro?: A Husk Issue, that could have done with more husk and less of an EASY resolution to her neglected arc.
  • Con” Too many artists in the final issue and only one of them acceptable. Arggghhhh this was a patchwork and not in that pleasant Americana quilt type way.
  • Con: Kid Omega graduating? Please.
  • Con: A Captain America cameo. Please, like he gives a damn, he’s just happy he’s not dealing with another Kid-caused international incident.
  • Con: not enough Eyeboy.
  • Con: a horrible use of the return to the Jean Grey School of Tomorrow.  Whereas issue #29 had felt fresh and exciting and teased multiple exciting possibilities, This issue slammed the door on them all.
  • Con: don’t get me started on Snot.
  • Con: multiple times where a poignant emotional feel could have been had, it was left on the floor and trodden on. Yeah people graduated, but a lot of this felt forced and oh I lied.  See next bullet.
  • Pro: There was one panel that I actually liked a whole lot. ONE PANEL. And it was of Eyeboy with his mum and dad and his mum had her hand on his cheek, and I loved each of their expressions and I wish there had been more of the dialogue.
  • Pro: I lied again. there were two panels I liked. See the image header.
  • Con: that last section with future Wolverine and Omega Phoenix. Hate that art and hate the concept of Wolverine running a school for mutated creatures out of a 10th rate B-movie.
  • Con: Having slept with Storm that previous night, Wolverine stands in his boxers, pops his claws and marvels at how he didn’t have to pop his claws the whole of graduation day. This was horrible. It just seemed forced and uggggh.

So overall, Maybe I was just missing a whole lot. Perhaps other people loved this last send off, but, in my opinion,  If this is what Wolverine and the X-Men had become, I’m glad it was Aaron’s last issue.

Result: So at the beginning of this article I asked whether this was a fitting end to  Wolverine and the X-Men?  um…without fanfare… NO. I guess I just expected more from a book I once loved.

Check out Tom’s review of Latour’s Wolverine and the X-Men #1 HERE.

And what of X-Men: Legacy #300? Click to page 2 for the rundown.

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