XvX Round 8: Hellion v Surge

In association with the X-Men Comics group on Facebook, we are proud to present… XvX Round Eight, with the next generation going head-to-head… Hellion and Surge!

. ~ .

When the Jean Grey School was built, there was one thing it had in common with the schools that had been on Graymalkin Lane before.  Sure, it was futuristic and almost alien, with advanced technology and a living (currently dormant) ground beneath it; but the X-Men had been agreed that one thing alone had to give a sense of continuity.

In typical X-Men fashion, that was the graveyard.

The young mutant known as Surge was settled down among the gravestones, deep in thought.  She often came here, often stared at the names that were so very familiar.  In the aftermath of the Decimation, she’d seen countless friends die – literally by the bus-load, as the Purifiers attacked the old Xavier School.  Life went on, and yet she couldn’t help the anger and grief she still felt whenever she came here.

“Pretty intense, huh?”

He’d used his telekinesis to levitate, of course, but she’d known he wouldn’t try and get the drop on her.  Julian Keller, one of the world’s most powerful telekinetics, was nothing if not direct.

The tension level upped a few notches as Surge rose to her feet.  Electricity flared around her hands, barely controlled by the gauntlets she wore.  She vaguely remembered Magneto saying she was capable of so much more, and wished she’d taken him up on his offer to teach her.

“You really think this is going to work?”

Hellion landed on the ground, and the two faced off against one another.  He didn’t answer her question, instead looking away from Surge’s flare and to the names.

They’d been children when they came here.  Cyclops had made them soldiers.  And Hellion had paid the worst price, his hands sliced off in a battle with futuristic Sentinels.  Nowadays, they ended in metal replacements, and it had taken his friends quite a while to get used to them.  Surge doubted Hellion himself ever would.

Surge too looked to the ground, and the silent stretched for a full minute before Hellion spoke up again.  “I know I’ve got to try,” he stated in a voice thick with emotion.

“Yeah,” Surge agreed, nodding furiously.  “Doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Hidden cameras watched their every move, and two villains cheered.  It had taken a month’s worth of subtle manipulations to bring them to this point – not to mention a few robot doubles, persuading the kids that the dead could rise.  Never mind that the fight wasn’t exactly logical; pull enough heart-strings, Mojo had known, and logic went out the window.

These two fought for a noble reason, somehow believing that by doing so they could undo the deaths that had been done before.

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