XvX Round 9: X-23 v X-Man!

In association with the X-Men Comics group on Facebook, we are proud to present… XvX Round Nine, with two genetic experiments going to war… X-23, the female ‘clone’ of Wolverine, and Nate Grey, the dimension-travelling ‘clone’ of Jean Grey and Cyclops!

. ~ .

The night air was icy cold, and a silvery moon cast an eerie light. The young mutant named Nate Grey shivered, and pulled his jacket tighter. He looked around suspiciously, his telepathic powers probing through the derelict area, seeking any sign of life.

Nothing, he mused. Strange, and frankly rather worrying; he’d no idea how he got here. The buildings had been devastated in some kind of bombardment – he’d seen similar things in his own reality, one in which the insane Apocalypse had ruled. Nate had a horrible feeling he was walking through a graveyard.

A subtle scent touched his nose, and he frowned, struggling to place where it was coming from. He finally glanced down, and groaned as he realised his boots were soaked in some kind of liquid.

That was when he felt it; a sudden flare of awareness, a predator in search of its prey. He probed deeper, trying to understand; but all he felt was a hard, cold shell of a mind, distinctly human, but reduced now to savagery. The mind was fixated on a scent, he realised, and with a chill not due to the cold he identified it as the smell of the liquid he had just trudged through.

He was the prey, he guessed now; whoever had brought him here had done so to launch some kind of trap upon him.

Nate didn’t see the sign lying in the dirt nearby; WELCOME TO GENOSHA. The island that had seen so much death would see still more today.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. stefographer says:

    She never even gets within physical striking distance. X-man. Easily.


    1. loz says:

      In the New Mutants run where we last saw X-Man, he was significantly depowered. After Avengers Arena Finale I have to say that X-23 could take him.


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