XvX Round 10: Teleporters ahoy!


In association with the X-Men Comics group on Facebook, we are proud to present… XvX Round Ten, with Blink and Pixie going head-to-head!

The fire was getting worse, the building beginning to cave in as the intense heat deformed its structure.  The air was heavy with smoke, and Sarah Lawton – a teenage girl who had been having such a very good day – felt her vision blur.  Her lungs heaved for air, and a wave of dizziness brought her crashing to the carpeted floor.  Tears streamed from her eyes as she heard the thudding around her, feeling certain that the roof was falling down.

She’d always said New York would be the death of her.

Something grasped her shoulder, something soft and tender, and then…

The rush of cold, clean air made her gasp, and her body shuddered with the sudden temperature shift.  She was outside, and as she raised her head from the cold sidewalk she saw the building that had been her best friend’s home come tumbling down.

“Now that’s what I call cutting it fine,” a woman’s voice murmured, and Sarah was jolted into full awareness.  She looked behind her, to see a woman like nobody she’d ever met, with pink skin – seriously, pink skin! 

Blink New Mutants

No words were said; Sarah didn’t have the breath to do so, especially not when she heard a booming laugh.  A high-pitched male voice was bellowing, “Nicely done, Blink, nicely done!”

The woman – Blink – looked up at the heavens and yelled back, “I thought I told you to get lost!”

Now Sarah looked upwards, and she felt as though the world had just gotten far weirder.  A green-skinned face hovered among the clouds, pop-eyes wide and an inhuman toothy grin displaying yellowed teeth.  “The thing about teleporters,” the being roared, “Is it’s not good enough to know where they’ve been.  You have to know where they’re going to go!”

“Look,” Blink tried, “I’ve told you I’m not playing your games.”

Again the creature laughed.  “Did I imply you had a choice?”  Then he winked – definitely a ‘he’, Sarah decided.  “Don’t run, you’re just making it worse!”

“Oh, really?”

Sarah was forcing herself on to her feet now, her smoke-damaged lungs still hurting as she breathed.  She looked to her rescuer.  “You’re… a mutant,” she managed.

Blink was hot.  She was dressed, Sarah saw, in green leathers that complimented her physique rather well; the pink skin and weird eye-patterns gave her the kind of exotic impression you’d get from a sexy alien in Star Trek.

Oh, and she didn’t look particularly impressed at Sarah’s deduction.

Nor, apparently, was the face in the clouds.  He gave what sounded like a colossal raspberry.  “You sure don’t just save the bright ones,” he observed caustically, and Sarah scowled up at him.  She was vaguely aware that the fire brigade had finally arrived on the scene, but the firefighters were getting rather distracted by the sheer weirdness of all this.  A couple of them were getting on with their job, while at least three were staring up at the heavens.

Another girl was stood with them now, possibly a little younger than Blink, and Sarah was really beginning to think she was going mad.  This girl had pink hair, pointed ears, and what looked like shimmering butterfly wings.  She was wearing a yellow-and-black outfit with a stylised ‘X’ on it, and Sarah’s sluggish mind made the connection.

“You’re an X-Man,” she managed.  “You’re both X-Men!”

The two women were sizing each other up, and Sarah was vaguely reminded of an action movie.  Suddenly she understood why; both women were tense, and looked ready for a fight.

“And I told you,” Blink snarled, “That I’m not going to fight you!”

The other girl pouted, actually pouted.  “And you didn’t wait,” she snapped back.  “You should’ve waited!  Instead you’ve jumped, like, fifteen times!

“So sue me!”

Now the girl swung her arms out dismissively, her face turning slightly red with anger.  “Look, I don’t wanna fight either,” she yelled back.  “But you should’ve waited!  We both teleport, right?”

Blink’s body language, too, was becoming increasingly aggressive.  The weird thing in the sky had fallen silent, evidently enjoying having the two teenage mutants bicker.  “You think?”

“When we teleport we release energy,” the other girl snapped.  “By folding space and time, or something like that, right?  Well, Mojo’s tapping into it, releasing it…”

Blink paused, confused.  “What?”

Now you’re listening,” grumbled the other.  “Every time we teleport, we’re releasing radiation, Blink.  All those people you’ve rescued?”

Blink froze, her eyes widening.  Suddenly Sarah was feeling pretty afraid too.  Finally, her young saviour looked back up to the sky.  “If we fight,” she managed, “can you reverse it?”  She sounded utterly defeated.  Her opponent sighed wearily, and a shimmering blade formed in her hand.

Pixie sword

Again the voice bellowed out: “That’s the deal!”

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  1. loz says:

    Um, So I guess Blink has this in the bag before Pixie can Say “Sih..”


    1. Hey, I didn’t choose the matches :p :p :p


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