A New Breed of X-Man: Transonic

When Hope Summers first came on the scene, the mutant world was rocked.  For the first time since the Decimation, new mutants were appearing – sure, not on the scale of post-AvX, but it was ground-breaking for the time.  Today, I’m going to take a look at Transonic, the blue-skinned goddess of Generation Hope!

Skin turning into shifting blue diamond left Laurie suicidal.  But one touch from Hope settled her mind, and she soon found herself immersed in the X-Men’s world.  She brought a whole new perspective to super-heroics, really; take this comment:

I wrote a Sociology paper on this.  Extra credit on my extra credit.  “The effect of post-human conflict on the teenager’s worldview”.  The idea being, constant exposure to the marvellous left the kids desensitised from all wonder.  My skin is shifting crystal.  I was saved from committing suicide by a girl from the future.  Now I’m hanging with the X-Men and three other equally freaky mutant kids.  So, theoretically, I should be inured to what’s happening down there.  I got an A+ for that paper.  But its safe to say its premise is flawed.

I love it.  Down beneath her, the world is going insane as creatures of Kenji’s skin rampage across Tokyo.  And all Laurie can think of is academia.  Sure, she’s not in the Kitty Pryde genius class of young X-girl, but Laurie is smart and academic.  Laurie’s also quick-witted and extremely sarcastic:

Transonic sarcastic
Death by earlobe!

Throughout Generation Hope, Laurie essentially plays the role of commentator.  She looks on situations almost from outside them, and makes an observation – whether a relevant idea or a caustic remark.  No surprise that, along with Kenji, she’s the one who recognises the weirdness that is Hope’s manipulation of the Lights.  Oh, and did I mention she’s the only person to notice the irony of Utopia?

Utopia defined
I find it hilarious that it’s Laurie who notes this, and not, say, Beast.

Doctor Nemesis’ studies make Laurie sound absolutely fascinating.  The crystalline physiology gives Transonic superhuman strength and endurance; even better, she can fly at tremendous speed, and the substance of her body actually reacts to transonic speeds, giving her what Doctor Nemesis describes as “freakish manoeuvrability”.  She’s an airborne powerhouse who could probably fly rings around Angel.  And at extreme speeds – take a look!

Transonic morph

Transonic speed

In the aftermath of Generation Hope, Laurie has pretty much been forgotten.  But we know from Deadpool’s example that a commentator can play a vital, and entertaining, role in comics.  I think she should really be used a lot more.  The character could be a lot of fun.

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