A Week of Marvels 29/03/2014

It’s been, in my view, the biggest week in Marvel since I started doing these posts – we have the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier!  Plus: learn more about Marvel’s Original Sin event, one that – to me at least – promises to be one of the best events to date…

And in the meantime, HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY JUBILEE!  Fans can feel free to check out my Life and Times of Jubilation Lee article!

Jubilee 0
Jubilee is one of my favourites! 🙂

This week’s releases

For me, the undoubted highlight of this week was the conclusion of The Trial of Jean Grey.  In this surprising issue of Guardians of the Galaxy, we see a radical change in status quo for the ANXM.

Jean goes ballistic
It is ON!


Other highlights included the penultimate issue of Superior Spider-Man, the continuing story of Peter David’s All-New X-Factor, and the beginning of the next phase of the (literally) world-breaking Uncanny Avengers!

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