A New Breed of X-Man: O5 Jean Grey

jeanO5When I started this series of  posts on this “New Breed Of X-Men,” you know, those individuals who have exhibited something a bit extra or new, I never once thought of considering any of the original X-men, least of all the O5 from the past. However, Guardians of the Galaxy just changed my mind.

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Over the past year and a bit, the O5 X-Men have been put through their paces. We’ve had a dozen upsets to their past, future and present, yet, whether it’s intentional or not, Jean Grey has consistently gotten most of the development. I’m still waiting for Angel to get the focus but for this article, I present to you, a new breed of X-man: Jean Grey.

Why a new breed? This isn’t really any Jean Grey we’ve seen before.. I’ve enjoyed Jean’s characterization and action on and off over the past few years. When she did die at the end of Morrison’s run, It was sad to see her go but I felt they’d done all they possibly could with her.


With All New X-Men, she’s being utilized in a very new, dynamic way. First up, her relationship with Scott. It’s not on the rocks but now there are far more options open to Jean, and to all of the O5. But, Jean is already operating on an upper hand. Beast has shown her her future…like as much of it as one could possibly want. She now knows far more than the other four O5. I wager, she knows a lot about their fates too. I’ve always been drawn to these characters who have a foreknowledge of who they are and who they become or future possibilities and now Jean is filling that role

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 4.17.17 PM

Let’s talk about her influences as it also lends to her state of mind. Jean has been thrust into this situation and has had her TP powers almost thrust upon her. She learning her telepathy as she’s gone with different repercussions but one of the more sinister ones is her blatant disregard for Angel and the boundaries between her minds and the minds of others. Jean is (excuse the pun) entering into some pretty grey moral situations. I think this makes her more interesting. We’ve pretty much gotten (and continue to get) a study of, What if Jean Grey became her own version of the Dark Phoenix, without the Phoenix?


With the revelation of Xorneto/future Jean from BotA and the genocide of her family in the last issue of All New , it isn’t a stretch to say Jean could become a super villain. For all of Xavier’s problems, he was still a good anchor for Jean. Kitty is great but I’m not sure her relationship with Jean is the same or as beneficial as it Xavier’s.  Time will tell.

All we know is that Jean’s powers are developing at quite a click. Then in Guardians of the Galaxy, Jean did something that only Emma Frost has done in the past, and Emma Frost isn’t an established Telekinetic (See HERE for more on that issue). I’m referring to her trick of taking other peoples psychic energy and sending it back to them. It’s still unclear what effect this has on other people but the effect it has on Jean is disturbing.

Jean goes ballistic

Our very own Tom had this to say about the trick:

First off, this isn’t a new trick she’s displayed. Emma Frost used a related method of achieving psionic power in an issue of Generation X, where she drew the psychic energy of a place into a ‘psychic lightning bolt’. Given the relationship between telepathy and telekinesis, I don’t buy that this is ‘all-new’ as a concept.

Oracle says some interesting things in that issue:

“Do you know you are demonstrating immense new psychic power?”

“It’s your telepathy and telekinesis working together. I didn’t know you could do that.”

And lastly: “And now… You’re something else.”

With all the new character events happening in Jean’s present life, and all the power revelations, Jean is definitely a new breed of X-man. She’s paving a new timeline for herself and becoming something else.


If there is someone you would like to be featured as a new breed of X-man, please comment and let us know who you would like to see here at Mah Muse Comics.

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  1. Awesome comments, Loz! Gotta say, that issue of GotG fascinated me too..!


  2. loz says:

    I thought I wouldn’t go too much in to your own comments as I knew you’ve got some Jean Grey stuff coming up.


  3. I just know I want MORE of these power profiles. The words and images are so very informative and helpful in keeping me up to date on my cherished mutants. Each piece has been a wonder!


    1. Thanks! I tend to do one of these every week, and Loz has often joined in with the series as well (in fact, the New Breed of X-Men was his baby, and I think some of the best are his!). At the moment I’m looking at some of the bad guys, but if you have any preferences let me know! 😀


      1. loz says:

        And too Kind Tom. I’m not sure how accurate about which are the best btu we both come up with some great stuff.


    2. loz says:

      Sorry, just saw this. Thanks for the comments. I know Tom and I love writing them.


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