XvX Round 14: Doop v Lockheed!


In association with the X-Men Comics group on Facebook, get ready for the crazies battle of all – Doop versus Lockheed!

 . ~ .

Watching the countless news feeds, Mojo found himself roaring with laughter; X-Man against X-Man, friend against friend, perhaps soon brother against brother.  He had to admit, Miss Coriander – Arcade’s associate, the one who had approached him with this idea – had been an absolute genius.  Frankly, he was quietly mulling over how to stab Arcade in the back and persuade Miss Coriander to join his own operation.

This was absolutely wonderful.

On one screen, Wolverine’s clone X-23 was slashing in at Nate Grey; on another Quicksilver and Northstar were racing against one another; and, most entertaining of all and thus on the big screen, Wolverine was racing towards Deadpool with a guttural growl, “Wilson–!”

Mojo laughed again.  This really couldn’t be going any better.

“Sir,” one of his associates, Hashurr – a snake-like being Mojo rescued from the Universal Church of Truth – called him over.  “News on Project Slimer!”

Immediately Mojo scuttled over to her.  “Where?”

The screen showed a beautiful blue-green gem of a world, an enormous circular space-station hovering above it.  “Andromedan Galaxy, Akaara Minora,” she replied.  “It looks like it’s on.”

Images on two screens changed; one showed a strange blob-like creature, deep green, hovering in the air and protruding an enormous tongue.  The… thing… was moving through a crowded space-station, seemingly oblivious to the startled glances it was getting.

Mojo’s grin actually broadened.  “Y’know, Wolverine’s idea of security stinks,” he murmured.  “I don’t think he even knew Doop had family to hold hostage…”

On the other screen, he saw, was an image of what looked to be an air-vent.  Yellow eyes glinted, all that was visible, and Mojo felt delight swell within his heart.  He knew those eyes.  “Lockheed,” Mojo hissed in joy.  “Ah, what you’ll do to keep Kitty Pryde alive!”  He turned to Hashurr again.  “Proximity?”

She checked on her screens, and gave her boss a smile.  “Under twenty metres.”

“Yes!”  Mojo clapped his hands in joy.  “They’ve been hunting one another across three galaxies, now it’s finally on!  Hook this up to the main news-feed – Doop versus Lockheed, now it’s personal!”

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