A New Breed of X-Man: Hellion


This installment brings us Julian Keller as our New-Breed subject, and while nothing really has changed with him for a while, moments and points of interest in Hellion’s past have not really been addressed. Check below the break for why we think Hellion is a new Breed of X-man.

Hellion recently got a small cameo in Latour’s new Wolverine and the X-Men, and while I liked the direction that scene went in, It wasn’t enough. Hellion deserves more of a spotlight. I have always believed that Kid Omega (and don’t get me wrong, I love Kid Omega) comes from the same archetype that Hellion came from. In essence, Kid Omega was the new Hellion, while Hellion seemed to slip into obscurity along with most of the other new X-Men.

So why do I think he deserves a new breed status?  Jean Grey aside, I believe him to be the Marvel U’s most powerful telekinetic.


His first power hike happened while attempting to save a team-mate, Emma unlocked some mental blocks in Hellion’s mind and he was suddenly able to fly faster than the speed of light. This event destabilized Hellion’s powers so much so that he was unable to lift anything  under a certain weight. He could perform amazing strength feats with his TK, but was unable to lift a dime off the ground. But unlike the boxer unable to pick up a pin, Hellion seemed to overcome his shortcomings to

hellion handsAfter that, Hellion suffered through several mishaps. Lady Deathstrike impales him in a mission gone wrong for the New X-Men, and then in The Second Coming storyline he loses his hands in a sentinel attack. This event dictates a lot of his future arc and the whole impetus for his being a new breed of X-man.

hellionAt this point in his arc, I really felt for Hellion. He was battle damaged and physically disabled, and despite his demeanor, I think Hellion represents a percentage of teens that the X-men have failed. He lost his hands protecting the X-men and then almost at every step of his way forward he was looked down upon and dismissed and given a raw deal. Quite understandably, he doesn’t take the loss of his hands well and his TK abilities interfere with any of the robotic hands Dr. Rao can provide. This leads to big event #1.

prv7275_pg5During the Fables of the Reconstruction storyline,  Omega Sentinel attacks Hellion. Her internal sentinel brain has started to reassert itself. During a moment of distress, Hellion’s powers amplify (possibly due to his proximity to Hope) and sends his TK power through Hope and a girl. He alters the energy on a molecular level. In the same strike, he alters Omega Sentinels energy attack on a sub-molecular level and blasts her away.

XML243-025Despite being verbally attacked by the X-men for striking one of their own, Omega Sentinel attacks again. I never understood why Hope didn’t stick up for him at this point but hey water under the bridge.

Omega Sentinel defeats the X-men and prepares to exterminate them all. Hellion attacks with newfound strength and puts her down hard. Sentinels programing reverts momentarily and Omega Sentinel begs him to stop her. In an act of rage, Hellion destroys Omega Sentinel. hellion strikeThis event gains him probation status and Hellion is treated harshly. However, potentially, he just became a worthy rival to Jean Grey in the TK department.

The second big event to happen to Hellion was AoX. Not much time is spent with Hellion individually in this arc but in the process of being caught in Fake Moira’s deception, Hellion gains a life time of skill and practice in the use of his telekinesis. By the end of AoX Hellion no longer has any problem with his TK interfering with his prosthesis. No more time has really been spent with Hellion save some guest appearances with X-23, but Hellion deserves more of a spot light and is more than able to fill it, character-wise and power-wise.

200px-XMEN-HellionPingpongWhat do you think? Does Hellion deserve more than the raw deal he’s receive lately?

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  1. Wow, gotta read that Fables of the Reconstruction – which series is that from..?


    1. loz says:

      X-Men Legacy. It’s Carey. It was only 2 issues but so much packed in the arc. Of course it was tragic but Omega was going to kill them all and had already defeated most of the X-men present, Magneto included.It was just a shame that the same threat of Nimrods from the future that took Hellions hands were what caused Omega’s corrupted circuitry. Hellion was in turn saving everyone and getting revenge.


      1. I’ll have to look that up, forgot that story completely!


  2. comicnewbies says:

    I agree with the article completely. I’ve always been fascinated with Hellion and each time I see him he either gets reprimanded for something, or gets hurt grievously.

    IMO he did the right thing with Omega Sentinel. He may have gone a bit overboard but hey, lives were at stake.


    1. loz says:

      Yes. We need to see more from him, and unfortunately, him as a super model, short-shorts sex object isn’t quite the direction I thought they’d go.


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