XvX Round 18: Psylocke v Cable


It’s time for the battles to go out-of-this-world, as Cable and Psylocke- two psis of the highest order – go head-to-head!  In association with the X-Men Comics group on Facebook, let’s go to war!

He knew exactly where he was, even if he didn’t quite know why he was here.

The man named Cable was armed to the hilt – as always – with guns that were bigger than his arms.  But nowadays, with the techno-organic virus that had long plagued him in a sort of remission, these were not his primary weapons.  No, he was a powerful enough telepath and telekinetic to be confident he could take on the Avengers.  Which was kind of why he was running his own island right now.

Well, not really ‘right now’.  Right not, he’d been plucked out of time and space, and deposited in the familiar Moon-dust; he looked down at the shimmering silver building before him, and he recognised it with a sense of unease.  He’d never bothered to learn the origin of the Lunar base, but it was a place that his insane clone Stryfe had called home; it was a place where Cable had almost died.  To this day, he wasn’t entirely sure how he’d survived the ravages of the time-space vortex that Stryfe had summoned, and that had ultimately enveloped them both.  As he experienced reality in a way none could prepare for, his consciousness had been seeded across time and space; he had emerged more confident of himself than ever before.

So why was he here again?

Cable was familiar enough with the sensation of time-travel to know that he’d been moved in more than just space.  He had no way of knowing how far into the past or the future he’d been brought, and that concerned him; there was a possibility, after all, that he was crossing his own timeline.  He wasn’t sure taking on a past version of Stryfe would be such a good idea.

Still, he couldn’t see much choice.

As he moved forwards, Cable struggled to acclimatise to the lower gravity; his every step was exaggerated, although he noted that the normally punishing weight of the armoury he wore was much easier to handle.  He mentally inventoried himself; plasma grenades, check; plasma cannon, check; pulse rifle, check; frag grenades, check… Only when he’d checked over everything did Cable acknowledge that he was still fully armed.

Although he was making his way towards the Moonbase and getting ready for battle, inwardly Cable was focusing his mind inwards; he knew it could be vital that his mind was quieted to the degree it was undetectable.  And then he relaxed it again, surprised at who he saw there.

Her name was Psylocke, she was an X-Man, and she wore a rather more sensible outfit than anything he’d seen her in before.  Normally, the girl wore a strange sort of ninja thing that was basically designed to show off her… femininity, he thought charitably.  This was a dark bodysuit, with a grey stylised ‘X’ on the chest; she still looked sexy as Hell, but she actually looked… stealthy, he mused.

“Psylocke,” Cable welcomed her.  If she was wearing a costume he’d not seen her in yet, then it stood to reason the Moonbase was long-deserted; he probed the area telepathically, and sensed no mind other than hers.  But what a mind she had – her telepathic presence was amplified beyond anything Cable had felt from her before, and she almost took his breath away.

“Cable,” she responded.  “You know why we’re here?”

Ah, well.  At least one of them had a clue.  “Do tell.”

Psylocke gave a hearty sigh.  “Apparently Mojo has a game in mind,” she told him.  “Something he calls XvX.”

Now Cable knew why he was here.  Somehow he’d never imagined he’d become a part of this legendary event.

A lot of records had been lost over the centuries between this time and the one in which Cable had been brought up, but XvX was something he knew about.  The mightiest mutants had all gone head-to-head in some sort of insane competition, plucked from time and space… Yes, it fitted all too well.

“And he’s given you a reason to fight me,” Cable deduced.

Psylocke shrugged.  “I’m afraid so,” she said.  There had always been something amusing about the strong British accent coming from a woman with Oriental features, Cable mused.  “You could be a dear and just let me win.”

Cable snorted in disbelief.  He’d never backed down from a fight in his life, and he had no intention of starting now.  Besides, in his own time the mutant race was near extinction.  The longer he stayed, mixing with mutants from earlier and later in the timeline, the more chance he’d have of piecing together the answer.

He didn’t bother answering, instead priming his plasma cannon.  Psylocke gave him a grin that probably made most men’s hearts fail as she drew her blades.

Guess I really have become part of the legends, Cable mused.

Then the time for thought was over; now was the time for war.

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