A Week of Marvels 26/04/2014

This week in Marvel – the build-up begins to Original Sin, and we have some MAJOR spoilers for Wolverine!  Don’t miss it!

This week’s releases

The real highlight of this week was the release of Original Sin #0, a single issue that frames the story by telling us the secret history of The Watcher!  The Watcher has been a mainstay of the Marvel Comics Universe for a long time, and it’s fitting that the issue centres around his interaction with the new Nova.

It’s a solid issue, but the backstory isn’t really very original I’m afraid – the backstory behind The Watchers as a race is a staple of science-fiction (to give you an idea, Doctor Who did almost an identical plot as a backstory to the Time Lords in the 1980s).  I do recommend an interview with Tom Brevoort (Senior Vice President of Publishing), but don’t read it until you’ve read the issue.

Nova and Watcher
I’ve got to say this: the art is superb!

In other releases, the real highlights are the launch of Ekeltra #1, latest in the Marvel NOW! brand, and the continuation of Avengers Undercover.  Dennis Hopeless is gaining a reputation for quality work, and reviews of this week’s AU are excellent.

In other news, Marvel have renewed their deal with Comixology and upgraded Marvel Unlimited.  You can read about that in an interview with Kristin Vincent.  Digital offerings are sure to become increasingly important to the comic book market.

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