A Week of Marvels 03/05/2014

This week, I’m going to break with my normal habits – as well as give a run-down of Marvel activity, I’m going to have a discussion on a couple of key points – the future of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and also Marvel’s Next Big Thing, the epic Original Sin!

This week’s releases

Realistically, this week is dominated by one major event – the return of Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man!  Please forgive me, but I can’t help bragging that on January 1st I predicted five heroes to watch this year.  Wolverine?  Yup, he’s on a death-list (it’s public knowledge, but I’ll discuss this in-depth later).  ANXM Jean Grey?  Yeah, things have been explosive for Jean, with a whole new power-set.  Nico?  She’s featured in Avengers Undercover.

But the biggest news, of course, is that Peter Parker is back!  He’s getting ready for Original Sin, and so Dan Slott runs a slower-paced storyline that’s all about Pete getting his feet back on the ground (Arker Industries springs to mind…) It wasn’t exactly the best issue of the century, but it was a welcome return for Peter!

Peter Consequences
And, yes, the consequences get WILDER from here on in!

In other Marvel News, the Brotherhood returned to haunt the All-New X-Men, we met the Avengers of the Supernatural in the Uncanny Avengers Annual, and Gillen continued Origin II.

In related news, Marvel may be keeping ComiXology, but that company has just changed the way it markets its comics as a result of its acquisition by Amazon.  I’ve got to be honest, I’m seriously not a fan, as it restricts functionality rather than enables it, in my view.  Take a look.

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