XvX Special: Legion, Quentin Quire, Iceman, Namor, Darwin & Angel!

These battles can shake entire worlds!  In association with the X-Men Comics group on Facebook… Bring on the reality-quakes!

Somewhere, in another reality, three dirty blue spheres orbited a dying sun.  It had taken Mojo’s best scientists nearly a month to find these worlds, locked in a parallel timeline where the universe was accelerated ever closer to a premature Big Crunch.  This was a doomed realm, one that had never seen – and never would see – life.

And each world was perfect for the battles Mojo wanted to see.

All across Mojo’s reality, men, women and beings tuned in to watch the shows that had cost more than any others.  The first thing they saw was the bloated creature, his face beaming its broadest toothy grin.  “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,” he roared, “Welcome to X v X!”  His live audience broke into torrential applause, and Mojo revelled in it.  For the first time, the applause was actually spontaneous, and he drank it in, letting it last for a full two minutes before he gestured for them all to calm down.

“We’ve had it all,” he began, “We’ve seen teenagers beaten down, we’ve seen claws and swords cut one another apart – telepaths in psychic battles and brothers coming to blows!”  As he spoke, images flashed across the screen – Jubilee’s unconscious body, Deadpool shooting a flare-gun into Wolverine, and Cyclops blasting a ceiling down upon his brother.  “Oh, it’s been fun,” Mojo continued, “But the battles I’m presenting today have taken a loooooong time to get ready!”

Now the three worlds showed, and the camera rushed in to the first one.  On a volcanic isle, with ash filling the sky, a gangly youth with weird hair was stood facing off against a kid with purple hair.  The camera panned in close, showing the face of the older man – eyes full of anger, a long thing face, and hair that shot up in a manner that looked rather impossible.  “Legion,” Mojo’s voice roared.  “The son of Charles Xavier!  He’s created at least two realities on a bad day, so arranging this fight was tough.”

Mojo wasn’t kidding; this universe was so close to its death that the walls of reality had tightened around it.  It had taken a massive investment of technology to break through them.

Now the camera turned to his opponent, a kid stressed in a T-shirt that bore the words “TV SUCKS”.  Rather wisely, the cameraman quickly zoomed in, displaying his irritated expression and pink hair.  Sounding slightly less enthusiastic, Mojo continued, “Quentin Quire!  One-day host of the Phoenix Force, an Omega level telepath of the first order!”

The applause began again, but this time Mojo didn’t wait.  The second world showed on-screen, this one almost all water, and – on a bone of land that broke the sea-surface – the viewers were treated to an image of two other combatants.  The first was a man sheathed in ice, the second a strange being wearing very little but clearly looking rather self-confident.

The camera zoomed in on the icy one first, displaying every aspect of his shimmering ice-form.  “Iceman,” Mojo roared, “Recruited from a time when his powers were going out of control courtesy of a Life Seed!  Able to freeze the world!”

And now the image changed to his opponent, whose sleek dark hair was brushed back and whose haughty expression was filled with disdain towards his opponent.  “Namor,” Mojo continued, “The only man who can save this world!”

Again the applause began, but this time the viewers knew what was coming.  The third world showed – this one a rocky place, one with towering mountains.  A winged figure hovered in the air above a grey-skinned being.

The camera panned in on the man with metal wings first, his skin a deep blue and blond hair streaming down.  “The Angel,” Mojo continued, “Original X-Man, tainted now by the power of Apocalypse!”  And now to his opponent, whose bald face seemed strangely malleable.  “Darwin,” Mojo announced, “Whose power means he can adapt to any threat – meaning we wanted to keep him out of reality just in case!”

Now Mojo’s face filled the screen once again.  “Three battles,” he declared.  “Three wars that could shake worlds!  Bring – it – on!”

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