A Week of Marvels 17/05/2014

Well, we took a break from our regular Week of Marvels last week in honour of Marvel’s superb graphic novel No More Humans; but this week, we’re coming in with a special, including a feature on X-Men: Days of Future Past!  Read on…

This week’s releases

The real highlight of this week, oddly enough, is Avengers #29 – and the Original Sin tie-ins are very much explosive!  This issue is an intense one, with the dirtiest secret of Marvel NOW! – the gathering of the Illuminati – finally exposed.  Steve Rogers has regained the memories that were wiped from his mind by Doctor Strange, and he’s out for justice – and not a little vengeance!

Cap out of control
Cap gathers the Avengers to confront one of their own!

Other key issues this week include the battle between the All-New X-Men and the future Brotherhood (it’s not pretty, but hey, Emma Frost gets an excuse to punch Jean Grey),and the continuation of Chris Claremont’s Nightcrawler!

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