A Week of Marvels 24/05/2014

The week has finally arrived, and the movie has been released… Days of Future Past has hit the cinemas in the US, and is looking to perform really well!  But that’s not all…

Find of the day, by the way: what if Chris Claremont was in charge of the X-Men movie franchise?

This week’s releases

Original Sin #2 hit the stands this week, and the first eye has been opened.  This, then, is how the secrets break out – and Marvel alone knows where they’re gonna lead!

Meanwhile, it’s been a big week for the X-Men!

  • In Uncanny X-Men, the battle rages between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the X-Men, with the Jean Grey School in the crossfire!
  • In X-Men, Brian Wood brings his X-Men into conflict with the Future!
  • In Wolverine & the X-Men, Quentin Quire gets to live out his fantasies!
  • Plus, All-New Doop #2All-New X-Factor #8, Amazing X-Men #7Magneto #4, and Savage Wolverine #19!

Yeah, this has definitely been the week for the X-Men!

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