A Week of Marvels 07/06/2014

With rumours raging that Marvel are stepping back on the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, this has been one very interesting week!  Plus: Original Sin #3!

This week’s releases

The main news this week is the release of Original Sin #3.  In my view, this series is setting up to be possibly the best ‘event’ Marvel have done since Secret Wars.  This issue had superb characterisation, and a twist at the end that I (literally) don’t believe…

In one really interesting scene, we learn that secrets have been revealed not just to heroes, but to ordinary people too. I really wish this series had a ‘Front Line’ tie-in!

Also this week, the Amazing X-Men Annual has received mixed reviews, and Peter David continues his run on All-New X-Factor!Click to cont

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  1. Marius says:

    The guys on the New Avengers #24 cover belong to the Black Order, a group of aliens who obey Thanos. The woman with the white hair could be Black Swan, a character introduced in the current New Avengers book.
    That being said, Emma should’ve have totally been included in the Illumanti instead of Beast. It’s just ridiculous, that Beast inherited the Mind-Gem and took the place of Professor X’s.


    1. Interesting idea with Black Swan – the image quality to me is so poor! Oddly enough, Hank having the Gem and becoming the Illuminati *may* work if only because I think he’s kinda going round the bend, and that makes his growing madness all the more dangerous to the wider MU, y’know?


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