A Week of Marvels 14/06/2014

Original Sin continues to take shape, and rumours fly about the future of Doctor Strange!

This week’s releases

Before we get to this week’s comics, it’s worth noting two intriguing developments in Marvel this week.  Firstly, C. B. Cebulski, Marvel’s talent scout, is now Vice President Of International Business Development and Brand Management (try saying that ten times fast!), and Jeanine Schaefer has taken on his former role.  I wonder what changes in strategy we’ll see as a result…

And in another business development, Samsung – who are trying to take on Apple’s iPad – announced a deal where users of the Galaxy Tab S will receive a 1-month free subscription to Marvel Unlimited!

This week’s issues included some really intriguing developments!  We learned more about the Original Sins being revealed as a result of this summer’s mega-event – with All-New Invaders #6, Deadpool #30, Mighty Avengers #11 and Original Sins #1 hitting the shelves!

Plus, a three-issue special event tying in Cyclops’ Uncanny X-Men, Nova, and Iron Man kicked off!

Original Sin, incidentally, appears to be doing well; it topped the sales for May!

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