Misplaced(?) Jealousy & Possessiveness of a Fan

I’m riding a pretty big nerd high right now. Rat Queens is getting an animated series and I’m torn…

Troll:Hannah's Arm

The dark comedy, fantasy comic is being given a 30-minute television show, with the help of WETA. That’s pretty damn awesome right there. But, I’ve gotten used to loving obscure/unknown/discontinued things, I’m a kind of hipster that way, though unintentionally so.

I fell for Firefly a few years after the series tanked (read “was assassinated”), Witch Doctor (I rant about that particular title a lot), Pacific Rim (except it’s getting a sequel, an animated series, and more comics, so…face!) and 9 is my Doctor, for crying out loud.

So, when I stumbled on RatQueens, I was surprised and pleased/irked that I am not one of its few fangirls. Actually, there’s a bunch of us. It did win an Eisner Award after all. But, I find myself sometimes becoming one of those ugly fans by being possessive of whatever it is I’m geeking out about hardcore.

Which is stupid. I know. It’s ignorant, unlearned, immature, and all that. Except, there’s this secret little, angry whisper saying It’s Mine! And, I’m worried that the animated show will tailspin before it really got an opportunity and will end up effecting the comic series, too. That happens a lot with any kind of spin-off. What if the animation is sucky, or the voice acting is weak, or they don’t include Orc Dave??

I wanted to include this image of Orc Dave, but there might be kids or people with weak constitutions or something around. One of these days I’m going to do a thing about Violet and Orc Dave; dwarf x orc. Love it.

Anyway, I won’t go so far as to say that my way is the only way to be a fan. That’s called gall and moronic. I end up being intimidated by the other fans. Seriously, do a google search of “Rat Queens” and “cosplay” or go to the tumblr “Rat Queens” tag. Here’s a sample:

I don’t believe in all that “Alpha/Beta” garbage, but if there’s any truth to it, I think I’m a tiny little beta. In a fandom, I like being one of the few, because it’s less likely that I’ll be seen making an ass out of myself. If I do, only a few people can call me on it and that’s only if they care.

That’s the other thing about this particular fandom and why I’m torn in the first place. Everybody’s super chill and nice. As far as I can tell, anyway. I imagine that if you end up being a douche-canoe of a fan, you’ll be ousted from the fandom, and probably by the creators themselves. They’re very active.

I’m also at odds with myself because I very much want more Rat Queens in every medium available. Even if the TV show ends up being crappy, I will fangirl my wretched little heart out for it.

That’s the nature of being a real fan; you love whatever it is no matter what. If it ends up being sucky or just lame, it’s not its fault; it’s the fault of whoever let that happen. Fox cancelled Firefly, and Christopher Eccelston was uncomfortable on the set of Doctor Who. Serenity’s still flying, though, and The Doctor is still screwing around and righting wrongs.

I just want it to be great. Even if it’s not, I’ll love it. Two halves, people.

Oh, and if you’d like a preview of #7, check it. You better have been keeping up, though. Geez.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. davekheath says:

    I am working on my Orc Dave costume for the next convention.


    1. Holly says:

      That’s awesome! What con are you gearing up for?


      1. davekheath says:

        Rose City here in Portland, in September.


      2. Holly says:

        Very cool!


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