My Intro to the Wicked and the Divine

GodsI’m currently obsessed with The Wicked and the Divine so of course I’ve been studying the icons trying to figure out who those 20s Gods were and who the counterparts are so far. There will be more to come from me concerning WicDiv,  but So far, not including the 20s Gods, we have met  we have met Amaterasu, Lucifer, and Sakhmet. Still not sure which icons represent which Gods.


What we do know is that one of the 20’s Gods was Susanoo who is god of storms. His sister is Amaterasu, goddess of the sun.  Does that make the other sun Icon from the 20s Amaterasu. And if so, which of the characters is which. At first I thought the creepy, Baby-Jane God was Lucifer, but I’m not so sure.  Who is Who? Who do you think?

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