A Week of Marvels 12/07/2014

Greetings, merry Marvel maniacs!  Week of Marvels is back from its holidays – well, OK, I’m back from my holidays!  And here’s the lowdown on the Marvel Universe this week!

This week’s releases

This week sees the release of the Spider-Man 100th anniversary special, dropping you in the deep end with the webhead of the future!

On the Original Sin front, the event is in full swing now, with a bevy of spin-offs – All-New Invaders, AvengersDeadpoolFantastic Four, Original Sin: Thor and Loki, and Original Sins.  As I’ve said before, though, this event is unique in giving the writers the opportunity to do their own thing, so none are probably essential reading to understand the main story.

The other crowd-pleaser this month can be found in the X-Men world, with All-New X-Men, Amazing X-Men, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, and X-Force.  Comic Book Herald has a cool review of Wolverine, while my personal favourite this month was ANXM.  I think Bendis is really at the top of his game at the moment.

X-23 v X
X-23 brings the pain!

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