The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier

She HulkAfter all the excitement from the last Uncanny arc and the All New X-men’s recent skirmish with Kid Xavier, we now have a calm before the storm issue. This is the much anticipated Last Will and Testament arc that Brian Michael Bendis has promised will change the X-landscape forever. This is a promise that has been often thrown around, but nothing Bendis has done so far suggests hyperbole, and with the tantalizing promise of Xavier’s last word on things, this was too much not to miss.  Click Below for the review

So first off, this wasn’t really the Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier, it was the prelude to it. Apart from the introduction to its existence thanks to She Hulk, nothing new was added to this concept. Previews and promos have advertised the existence of said will for a while now. Nothing new there, but what we did get was a mystery character who due to previews, we know is someone that Xavier had had contact with in the past. Xavier had a knack for this (see Cecelia Reyes and Forgetmenot). Let’s have some bullets.

EmmaPro: This Panel ^

Pro: Dazzler’s journey through this issue. Horrible things have happened and she’s about to have a nervous breakdown which we begin to witness. There;s a fantastic set of panels showing this and it’s all silent, as in no dialogue.

DazzKris Anka’s art seems to be quite polarizing but I am in love with his style and the thought that goes into certain characters poses and expressions. The Dazzler breakdown was nicely done if not just a tad too much mascara. She must have put on quite a lot just to go and beat the blue of Mystique.

Pro: Kris Anka brings out another great sequence that had me cheering. Cyclops is having a mini breakdown of his own, in his own way. It was a perfect character moment after all that has happened.

scottPro: The conversation with Eva. Now this thing that happened on the field training adventure gone awry, is known by Cyclops and I love that the Cuckoos are showing consideration and concern for their new team mates. It humanizes them a bit more which is a nice nod to their own journey going on concurrently.

Con: we still don’t really know if the teams power nonsense is because of nanobots from Beast or if they are actually from misuse of the phoenix force. I need clarification.

Pro: Emma and Magik, “NO.”

Pro: You may or may not have noticed but, Emma continues to be the glue for this place and the voice of reason. Like consistently, and without fail. She’s pretty much been the back bone to this team. She saved both Cyclops and Jean Grey in the last issue of All New and she just says a lot of smart stuff. I love this Emma.

Con: I just need more spotlight Emma.

Pro: Cyclops welcomes Hi-jack back to the team. This was a learning moment. Both characters learned something and had a nice interaction in front of everyone no less.

stormPro: She Hulk Wiping THIS look off Storm’s face. Hah, Take that Storm.

Pro: The whole “…Is Xavier Really Dead?” conversation. It was rather good and a great point.

Con: So She Hulk is telling us there are only four names on the will and it’s Cyclops, Ice man, Storm and Beast? Like I know Xavier thought Jean Grey was dead but for all he knew, she could have been on one of her ON periods. Also, surely he knew about Angel, unless he deems this newer Angel as not the one he knew. And what about Kitty? What about Magneto? Really? Is it just those four named in the will?

Con: for all the great moments in this book we really didn’t get any juicy details from the will.

Pro: I was giddy as a school boy waiting for this issue to go live and now I’ll be waiting a whole month for all the goss’ of the next issue. As Wonka said, “The suspense is killing me, I hope it lasts.” Hats off to you Bendis.

Mah Maaaaaaaaaaaah
Mah Maaaaaaaaaaaah

What did you think? Did you love or hate this issue?


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  1. I, too, wonder why Angel, Wolverine, Kitty, Colossus, and Kurt weren’t named… Great review and I look forward to reading more!


  2. So true. I’m kinda aggravated that it felt so short…but I’m kinda afraid of Dazzler cutting her hair… but the character development is great with the women. The guys could use come catch-up.


    1. loz says:

      Well we had New Excalibur Dazzler with the pink crop. The guys could definitely use some catch up.


  3. Interesting review, Loz! I admit, I go down as one of the ‘not impressed with Anka’s art’ group as regards this issue; I think, though, that my main problem with it was that too much information has already been spoiled. That meant this issue largely felt anticlimatic for me; I wanted to get to the point, but I’m not even confident that’ll happen next issue (after all, although Quire in WatXM and Wolverine in, well, Wolverine have found the Xavier School, I’m not sure whether the X-Men are supposed to know the location in the Bendis books; next issue may well just be focused on finding Scott).

    I think the really interesting omission is Logan. Remember, at the time Xavier died, Logan was Headmaster and had a healing factor; he was even the last person Xavier had a psi-convo with. And yet, Logan was skipped from this list, by the looks of it.

    For me, I can see why three of those names are on the list: Scott, as his ‘near-son’; Hank, as a closer friend than many of the X-Men; Ororo, as someone he’s stated many times as being extremely proud of; but Bobby? Sorry, but Bobby is the one that makes me wonder, because the two were never as close as some of the others. Unless the four have been chosen because of the secret contained within the will, and they’re somehow tied to it…


    1. loz says:

      I think this might be the end to schism. With Wolverine Dead soon, it’s only Beast who has the real beef with him and he had that way before the schism.


      1. I’m really hoping so 🙂


  4. Marius says:

    As I understand it, there are more names on the list, but She-Hulk wanted to address the problem with Scott to Ororo, Hank and Bobby first, before gathering the rest. And I saw a preview with more people attending the reading ( :-D. By the way, why is Jennifer allowed to enter the JGS. Didn’t she attack some students there during AvX?
    My problem with this issue is the slow pacing. Bendis put four storylines in it and all of them are just dragging.


    1. loz says:

      That makes sense, thanks for clarifying. And yeah Rogue Showed She Hulk the door in true Rogue Style, back in X-Men Legacy.
      I love that Emma is the only one smiling in that link. I also saw a preview where Iceman is not a happy bunny either. Something is gonna piss him off.


  5. Wait… Marius, that scene is weird. First off, one person was *dead* for years so Xavier would surely not specify him in his will; another had *never* been an X-Man before. Weird.


    1. loz says:

      Unless Xavier could sense Nightcrawler somehow in some way, which would be a crappy thing for Xavier to not let anyone know about as per Danger.


    2. Marius says:

      I didn’t notice Firestar in the preview, probably because I don’t acknowledge her as an X-Men since I don’t read Amazing X-Men. What’s her status with Emma? Didn’t she tried to kill her during their last meeting?


      1. They crossed paths in Young Allies #5 iirc (final issue of that short-lived series) – Emma tried to get her to head to Utopia, and they weren’t exactly amicable but they didn’t come to blows! 😀


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