Corsets Are Not For Everyday Wear. Unless You’ve Got An Axe.

FantasyCon was a few weeks ago, but I wanna talk about it now.

2014-07-05 15.58.24
That’s me. Now you know.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the gumption to go to all three days, but I did make it to Saturday. It wasn’t a question of money (this time), but about my buckling under my own skepticism. I’m sorry I didn’t go the whole three days now, though, because I would have been able to do and see more.

There was still artists’ alley and the celebrity wall, those are the biggest draws to any convention, after all. In fact, my time was taken up almost wholly by getting autographs and having a photo-op with my brother-in-law and Summer Glau (who was super cool, bt-dub).

I don't like smiling in pictures. Evidently I look like a doof, regardless.
I don’t like smiling in pictures. Evidently I look like a doof, regardless.

And, I did a good deal of running around spending way too much money getting autographs. I don’t have gads of cash (I’m an adjunct. It’s a little surprising they don’t don’t just call us interns “getting paid in experience.”), but I don’t regret it, as silly as it really is. See that axe up there? I made it for my first non-Halloween cosplay as Violet from my wonderful Rat Queens. I took some creative liberties, especially with the axe, but whateves.

Surprised it's home-made?
Surprised it’s home-made?


Anyway, the celebrity line-up was exciting, a lot more interesting than (yes, I’ll say it) most of who Salt Lake Comic Con had slated at the time (it’s gotten a bit better and I’m sure it’ll gain some great names before September). Most of the dwarf cast from The Hobbit was there as were a few actors from Lord of the Rings. These were the guys I went to see and, on a lark, had them sign the above homage to the Rat Queens. 

The oddest collectible I'll ever have.
Listen, I have my reasons. Reasons that I’ll eventually get to when I dedicate another post to my new favorite all-female team-up.

The signatures go thusly, left to right: John Rhys-Davies, Adam Brown, Graham McTavish, Jed Brophy, and Billy Boyd. At Comic Con, I fully intend on having Dean O’Gorman’s signature, too.

Mind, please, that my experience with cons is pretty limited; I’ve only been to Salt Lake Comic Con and FanXperience (hosted by the good people of SLCC). However, I doubt very much that experiences vary even at the much larger, well-known cons, thus making FantasyCon pretty unique and interesting.

It was put together in a way to tap into the Fantasy genre and the sub-culture it allures by having a great line-up of guests, but by having it be so interactive. There was LARPing in an arena, flame-dancers, blacksmiths blacksmithing, live music on stage and trouping through the crowd, and the cosplay was stellar.

I hope there will be a FantasyCon next year so that I can actually experience as much of the action as possible, maybe even to volunteer. 

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