Wolverine: What He Does Isn’t Very Nice…or Comfortable

thoomWe’ve all heard Wolverine in the past declare he’s “the best there is at what he does”…and what he does is get his butt kicked. A lot. Don’t get me wrong I love Wolverine. I think he’s aces, the tops, really. But let’s face it, the poor boy takes a butt-kicking on a regular basis. He can (or could) also get right back up again, which begs the question of whether invulnerability or a healing factor is an automatic sentence to a life of adversaries (or writers) painting a gigantic bullseye on a character just to see how much they can take. But that is a topic for another day. Right now here’s a light-hearted look at some of the battles Wolverine has limped  (or crawled) away from as an X-man, in preparation for the one from which he doesn’t……..

Let’s hit the ground running! Or….warping!

In Uncanny X-men #126 against Proteus he takes such a pounding……


…..Cyclops has to give him another in X-men 127 just to make sure he’s okay….


Cyclops is always helping Wolverine with his social graces too. Here he is reminding him that interfering in family matters is rude (after Cyclops and Havok duke it out in X-men #97)….


Jahf demonstrates to Logan that size doesn’t matter in X-men #108…..


Wolverine didn’t have much luck against Phoenix as Jean in Uncanny X-men #136…..


……or against Rachel as Phoenix inUncanny X-men #208….


Mystique shot him and then kicked him when he was down in Wolverine #16. Maybe he should rethink that redhead fetish…..


Gambit wins (by distraction) in Contest of Champions II…


Psylocke begins her ninja career in Uncanny X-men #257-258 by delivering some good old fashioned smack-down to Wolverine, as any self-respecting aspiring villain would….



Xavier stands up to put Wolverine down in X-men #99 (note: that’s a robot Xavier, don’t worry kids they’re still friends.)


Even the wildlife takes a shot at Logan from time to time (from Wolverine #180)….


Magneto has practically made a cottage industry out of taking Wolverine to the woodshed. Here are a couple of early ones X-men #104….


…and X-men #112. Never let ‘em see you sweat, Logan.


Storm takes him down and takes him out in X-men Forever #3


Wouldn’t be a Wolverine fight mashup post without a Hulk battle. World War Hulk X-men #2


The great thing about a healing factor is you can  get your butt kicked, your heart ripped out, and your life taken…and you can STILL save the universe. Uncanny X-men Annual #11


I ran this past Wolverine before I posted it and something like this  scene from Uncanny X-men #126 happened. Never break bad news to this man in a restaurant….


(This began as an attempt to cheer up a friend and turned into an absolute fascination at the poundings that Wolverine has taken over the years. Thanks for checking these out and thanks for being such a good sport, Wolverine! )

Any More? (we know there are) Let us know in the comments.

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