Charlies Last Will and Testament: 2


Anticipation is at an all time high. What the hell is in this blasted will? From an interview with Bendis it seems like we will be getting one major revelation per issue, and thanks to Beast, that is all we got. 1 revelation this issue. What was it? Did it make sense? was there precedent for it? Spoilers below.

to start, I have to say I preferred last issue. This issue seemed to have some off moments that editorially, or artistically, fell flat for me. but let’s fire off some pros and cons.

Pro:  Dazzler’s in-comic new look debuts. No one batted an eyelid.

Pro: Iceman finally showing some emotion over Xaviers death. It was nice.

Con: Iceman storming off and then conveniently returning after a short amount of time. This just seemed odd, despite the above pro.

BIG CON: Beast’s attitude. He knew where the other team were hanging out and didn’t tell anyone because, he doesn’t want to see Cyclops or have him be a part of his life. This isn’t a criticism of Bendis, but Beast because it is par for the recent course of characterization for Beast. Beast is slipping into some kind of mania fueled by his hatred of Cyclops. Beast, stop it. You’re coming off like a spoiled child who’s angry because he’s not getting his way. And then he asks She Hulk for some kind of support, for which she awkwardly can’t give a proper answer.


Pro: Then THIS^ scene happens to make it all better. Yay Rachel. I find a bit of Rachel sass makes everything better.

Con: Can someone tell me why Rachel is even sticking around the Jean Grey School? She’s severely misplaced. Storm disregards her most of the time and she’s used as the difficult member of her team over in X-Men. I literally have no idea why she isn’t with Kitty and Cyclops. I’m wondering if it’s editorial mandate that Rachel must be used in X-Men. Her friendship with Kitty must be sidelined for Kitty’s friendship with Magik, and there are already too many telepaths on Cyclops team.

And further more Con: I know this has turned into a rant, but there is literally no one I know that Rachel is actually close to on the side of Schism she currently resides. I know she’s recently been paired with Psylocke and even M, (both Telepaths) but there doesn’t seem to be any spark of friendship between them. Nothing like we’ve seen with Kitty. Marvel, resolve this please, you’re only alienating Rachel in her current situation and this future space arc coming up makes me worry that because they don’t know what to do with Rachel, they will leave her in limbo again. STOP IT NOW MARVEL.

Con: Breath….just breathe Loz… BREATHE!


Pro: This Panel ^. Thanks for reminding us of the banter than can happen between close friends.

Pro: Last issue we had a series of Silent panels with Dazzler. This time it’s Matthew Malloys turn. And the silent panels along with the conversation with Maria Hill manages to capture  a desperate  situation that ends in an Akira-esque outcome artistically. Mallo is proving to be pretty interesting so far, and I’m wondering if he is the secret threat that Xavier mentions at the end of the book. Is the threat just one person? is it of bigger scale? Are there characters we have yet to find out about?


As we spoke about Anka’s art  last time, I mentioned it being quite polarizing. Some loved it and some hated it, but from online comments so far, people seemed to have adjusted to it with this issue. Which leads to a minor Con.

Minor Con: Anka’s art seemed a bit lazier this issue. I’m not a fan of the background dummy head expressions on all minor cast in some panels. As in the kriss kross shape and actually NO expression whatsoever. If they were really small I could understand it but, they weren’t.

Con: What the hell was Emma and the other X-Men thinking, just letting Storm just waltz in to their home? Cyclops even questions that. Why the hell were they allowed to just walk on in after everything that has happened. I’d be super pissed if I were Cyclops but then it was a pretty rude way to be awakened by a snarky group of mainly holier than thou hypocrites.

Con: And Beast, Shut your mouth. I said SHUT your stinking mouth.  For someone who supposedly wanted never to see Cyclops face again, you jumped on the have a dig at Cyclops in his own bedroom bandwagon pretty fast. Silly numpty.

Con: Storm, you madam are an idiot. You have three of the worlds most powerful telepaths and cerebro technology of your own (presumably) and instead of flying to flipping Canada, you don’t have one of them ping Magik or the Cuckoos or Emma or Jean Bloody Grey.

Pro: Presumably after less than half an hour at the New Xavier School, you stick your Mohawk between your legs and set sail for home while Cyclops and Crew immediately teleport there and then have to wait however many hours for you to get back.  Something went wrong here, and it wasn’t a lack of communication, it was a lack of smarts. Maybe it was time the Jean Grey School employed the talents of Blink?

Pro: The below look from Wolverine. Despite the scowl Wolverine, you actually complimented Cyclops smarts in choosing his home, and you smiled. Um, just wondering because I don’t read any books you feature in Wolverine, but how did you get that nasty little scar?


Pro: Emma’s reaction to the big reveal.


Pro: Raven Darkholme, Raven Darkholme, …How do I know that Name?

Con: Big butting-in-Beast has to go and ask what the gadget is before She Hulk has finished reading the will.

Pro: This really got me thinking. Both Cyclops and Storm were pretty sure that Xavier had left Cyclops the Jean Grey school. But now it crosses my mind, that WHY? Cyclops banished Xavier from Utopia, and they didn’t leave under good terms. Also remember that whole issue where Xavier went back to do some digging? Emma taught him a lesson but still not the best of buds here. Already Charles mental acuity is in question with the major (and quite random) revelation of the book.



So here are the questions I asked at the beginning.

What was the big reveal? Xavier Married Mystique.

Did it make sense? Hell no. Why on earth would Xavier marry Mystique. But here’s the genius. A question has been asked that has huge ramifications. Why would Xavier marry HER? If he married her, does that mean she has a legal right to a percentage of what is his.  Her name wasn’t listed in the will or she would be there, right? Does she have claim on the school. Would the X-men stand for that?

Was there precedent for it? We already know the two of them produced a child together, leading Mystique to assume the identity of Moira McTaggert to give birth to the younger more psychotic Xavier. Incidentally, I was born in the same hospital. Nice little tidbit for you. But still what led to this insanity. What happened to Xavier in those months between his banishment from Utopia and his death? I guess we’ll find out the answers to some of these questions soon.

What did you think? Did you love or hate this issue?


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  1. chamlet5127 says:

    I agree with pretty much everything here, especially regarding McCoy and Rachel. I’m sort of wondering if this isn’t a Raze/Xavier Jr. ploy somehow.


    1. loz says:

      Yeah, Considering they are still a potential threat, they can come back any time really.


  2. Mixed bag! I’m not sure I ‘buy’ the Mystique-Xavier romance, but for me the big reveal is actually in the scene you posted above, Loz. To me, Xavier is in a wheelchair in the above shot where he talks about this dangerous mutant. Now, it might just be Anka’s art (which I preferred in this issue, and really disliked in last), but if this *is* Xavier in a wheelchair, then how far back is Bendis digging?

    As regards Xavier’s attitude to Scott, they recovered from XML to an interesting (albeit continuity-ignored) perspective in Prelude to Schism. Other than that, they basically ignored each other, mainly ’cause Fraction found he couldn’t get his head round Xavier and chose not to write him!


  3. Oh, and I agree, Emma’s reaction to the marriage was pretty much the same as mine lol! Hahahah I suddenly have a picture of Kurt realising, “Charles Xavier was sort of my dad!”


    1. loz says:

      Just look at Kurts Face. He’s mortified.


      1. Of course. Think back to when you were in school. Now imagine you just found out your teacher was shagging your mom. Now imagine finding out in front of your classmates.



      2. loz says:

        Hah hah hah hah Right?


      3. Hahahah scarred for life!


  4. I still laugh whenever I think of Emma’s reaction. It’s not even that funny… I\just can’t. Oh, my god. I can’t.


  5. loz says:

    I think because it’s a side of her we don’t witness often. I can’t remember the last time they showed her laughing.


  6. Loz, great review. I like the pro/con format. I’m with you 100% on Beast. He’s been pissing me off ever since he found out about X-Force and it was made worse when he disrupted the space/time continuum.

    incidentally, as far as your question regarding Mystique’s inheritance of the will, from what little I know several different factors play into her rights. first of all, the estate would have to go into probate, where she can contest the will if she chooses. I think that it can also vary from state to state and depends on how detailed the will is. Of course, I doubt the writers will be that detailed. 🙂


    1. loz says:

      Thanks Robert. I agree that the minutiae of law and specifics will be glossed over. I’m just wondering what next issue’s big reveal will be.


      1. Maybe they should get on the Jerry Springer show.


  7. loz says:

    Can you just imagine that. It’s a comedy Sketch just waiting to happen.


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