Week of Marvels 09/08/2014

This week we bring you a seriously special edition of Week of Marvels – including our first hint of Spider-Verse, and a Guardians of the Galaxy review!

This week’s releases

This week saw three well-timed Guardians of the Galaxy-esque comics:

  • The Thanos original graphic novel, latest in Marvel’s OGN range
  • The second issues of Legendary Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon

Rocket, in particular, seems to be drawing critical attention; turns out his was the best-selling mag in July, and it’ll be interesting to see if August follows suit!

Meanwhile, the Spider-Verse event kicks off in Superior Spider-Man #32, which takes us to an unseen adventure of Otto Octavius’ Superior Spidey.  This is an excellent comic, and, for all the spoilers, it still manages to surprise.  I heartily recommend what looks set to be an exceptional Spider-Man epic, possibly the biggest Webslinging event of all time!

Personally, I still can’t wait to see Gwen as a Spider…

Spider-verse Land 1

Click to cont

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mind Gem in movie world was with Xavier, had something to do with Cerebro, and is the reason he’s magically him after the molecular decomposition we all wanted to forget from The Last Stand.


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